All Aboard For the Crozet Express!

Update 5 October 2016:

So far, only 19 non-UVA folks have filled out JAUNT’s survey. The survey is here.

“But about 450 for UVa’s study (a phenomenal response, considering only about a week and a maximum survey population of around 800).

Obviously, the more interest we could show the Board of Supervisors, the greater the possibility of receiving funding and establishing the Crozet Express.”

received by email:

UVa employees living in the Crozet area will receive a short survey in their email on Tuesday, September 26, regarding the proposed Crozet Express to and from downtown Charlottesville and the University. Their responses will be crucial in making the route as convenient and efficient as possible. Crozetians not employed by UVa could also provide input by emailing [email protected].

The survey will be open for 3 weeks.

My quick thoughts:

  • I’m still amazed by their numbers that ~1K UVA employees live in Crozet. (not yet sure how “Crozet” is defined here)
    • From Brian  Cohen – “That’s the estimate from the University. UVa employees in 22932 plus about 40 streets in Wickham Pond, Cory Farm, (Jim’s note: I’d bet they’re including Highlands, too as they have a 22901 zip code, as well as Church Hill?). It’s very difficult for Parking and Transportation Office to figure out 22901 homes that were surrounding town. “
  • This isn’t a service *only* for UVA folks.
  • Expanding on one of my tweets a few days ago:
    • Where will the bus stops be?
    • What will be the schedule?
    • How about putting big bike racks at the bus stop so Crozetians can ride their bikes to the bus stop, ride the bus, and then ride the bike back home when they return.
    • AND put a bike rack on bus to make getting around Charlottesville easier for the non-UVA folks.
      • Ride bike to Crozet stop -> ride bus w/ bike -> get to Cville -> ride bike to work. Do in reverse at the end of the day.
    • Will the buses have wifi?


A related story from December 2015Buses from Charlottesville to Crozet? — Great comments and conversation here.


From the CCAC meeting last week:

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One Reply to “All Aboard For the Crozet Express!”

  1. Since it is difficult to afford to live in Crozet without working elsewhere why is this so hard to imagine? UVA is the areas largest Employer. Here is the e-mail without the links:
    “The University of Virginia (UVa) Department of Parking & Transportation is surveying UVa employees with a Crozet address in order to measure key factors associated with potential express commuter shuttle service. This survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. The results will become part of a discussion with regional transit providers about demand for a transit link between Crozet and Charlottesville. Your response is completely anonymous.

    Because this survey is designed to be answered by UVa employees in Crozet, please do not share the survey link with others.”
    The primary point is to figure out the demand for such a service, not a free for all about what the buses might provide.
    It is far from being a done deal and things like pickup points
    could be a problem since they would have to be on public property. Unless you want to donate space for all you want…
    Park & Ride could be another option if conditions exist.

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