Single Stream Recycling – No More?

It seems that the single stream recycling many, if not most of us enjoy, is no longer available.

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Vanderlinde, the recycling center to whom our trash/recycling went, is no longer operating the recycling center.

The decision to close our household waste processing facility was not an easy one as much time, effort and expense have gone into it. However, with the severe drop in commodity prices over the past few years and the bleak forecast, we have made the economic decision to close our household processing facility. We will concentrate our efforts in areas of our business that are more profitable and that can ensure our organization has a strong future.

Matt Talhelm at NBC29 has more.

The company opened the processing facility in Zion Crossroads in 2009. Up to 30 hauling companies, plus individual customers, would bring in household waste so that food scraps and garbage could be separated from recyclables.

Where and how can we recycle now?

What about a Recycling Center in Crozet?

  • Asking for Recycling in Crozet – againFrom 2007

    • At the CCA meeting on Thursday, March 8, I was hoping the room would be packed with folks wanting to hear about recycling from Michael Freitas, the Chief of Public Works for the County.  Only one person that I emailed showed up.  She had emailed her entire neighborhood–225 families–and no one showed up.  Maybe we don’t really want it in Crozet?

      If you want a recycling center in Crozet and missed that meeting, know this:  there is $250,000 in the Capital Improvement Fund set aside for recycling in Albemarle County.  The money is already there.  It’s for recycling.  The County has a plan for 3 recycling centers in the County. Now the County just needs to decide where to spend that money. I don’t know what it will take to convince them that Crozet is the place, but we can start by letting them know the demand is here.

  • Update on Crozet Recyclingfrom 2009

  • Albemarle County now has TWO Curbside Recycling Options – 2008

My opinion: a recycling center would be great. I’ll give particular credibility to arguments in favor of a recycling center when those argument suggest a location that is in their own backyards, instead of somewhere else. (aka: Not in my backyard)

More background from the HooK

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One Reply to “Single Stream Recycling – No More?”

  1. Yep. We in OTV got the news yesterday. The HOA Board is exploring options. Personally, I am OK with multiple bins for different kinds of recycling. I have always been a little suspicious of the Single-Stream concept…too much chance of polluting the different types of materials with organic waste.

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