The Vue Begins


email from a friend and client:

I don’t know the young boys name…but his heart was so heavy losing the woods where only little boys know of the magic. These developers are ripping away so much from these children.

Blue Ridge Rd to Cling “are goners.” Boys told me rabbits, frogs, crayfish, bear, fox deer and beaver will all lose their habitat. They told me the creek is already filled with mud so the fish and frogs no longer have clean water…especially with the trash as seen in the photo. Boys said the oil from cars and new asphalt will ruin our water. These kids are wise about the environment- but are the adults?

I would be happy for you to post it. I don’t know if I needed the young boys permission  (Jim’s note: I didn’t post it) …but he was brushing tears away as he told me how much this woods meant to him. He went on home and his friend took us to the large waterfall they are guarding. They swim there and are so frightened that the water cleanliness will disappear so they won’t be able to swim there…

Before that I was just staring in dismay at the woods across from Haden and neighbors came out to talk to me in total sadness. One woman said her grandfather built the beautiful old home across from the Vue. She talked for a long time, much as the boys had talked.

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