December 2018 CCAC Wrap-up, Chesterfield Landing growing

Here are the tweets from last night. It was a good discussion; I encourage you to dig in and read them all.



A couple of the tweets, though

Some of the tweets

  • Currently, they could do about 12 units. Want to rezone to get about 23
  • Lots of questions about what the homeowners’ expectations were about the future growth of the neighborhood
  • Schools are overcapacity, “Audience – currently Brownsville site says capacity is 715 and they are at 830. (I think I heard that right) “
  • Me: trying to figure out if they are upset about not knowing more houses are coming to the growth area, or that the rezoning is for ~2X as many homes as allowed by right?
  • If You Don’t Own It, It’s Going to Change
  • Me: As a Realtor, it’s hard hearing these kinds of conversations. People buy with certain expectations; it’s tough when those aren’t met.
  • Neighbor – you say you’ll preserve trees and such. Where?

    A: shows the picture that they’ve already said is a very preliminary representation.

  • CCAC member to buyers – did you all look at the master plan before you bought?

    one neighbor – I talked to the builder & they said probably not.

    another – we thought there’d be more houses, but absolutely not 23 houses

  • Neighbor – now, our neighborhood blends right now, but the new phase won’t look anything like what’s there now. The new houses will be so much smaller & won’t fit in. How will you integrate it so it *looks* like part of our neighborhood ?
  • Talking about lot sizes, houses sizes, house values. CCAC member saying smaller houses = lower value.

    Me: so what?



Video thanks to Crozet Gazette

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