Steve Landes Town Hall – 29 December 2018

Update: Postponed.

CROZET – Del. Steve Landes, R-Weyers Cave, has postponed his Saturday town hall meeting due to a hospital stay, according to a release from William T. Wrobleski, Landes’ communications director.

“Delegate Landes has postponed the December 29th Town Hall Meeting in Crozet,” the statement said. “Delegate Landes had an adverse allergic reaction requiring admission to the hospital. Unfortunately, he will not be discharged prior to the scheduled meeting. The Crozet Town Hall will be rescheduled as soon as possible.”

Yes, it’s an advocacy post (via email), but that’s ok.

State delegate Steve Landes (R-25) is holding a town hall listening session in Crozet at the Crozet library on Saturday, December 29th at 10:00 am.

Suggestion: bring signs that just say 78%. That’s the percent of Virginians who support a Constitutional amendment to create an INDEPENDENT Commission to draw voting boundaries. (See the full survey here)

Let’s tell Landes and our other representative not to block the right of the PEOPLE to decide how we want our political districts determined!

If you go, take a photo with your smartphone and post it to our BRAG Facebook page.

Thanks — this is the time when everything helps.

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4 Replies to “Steve Landes Town Hall – 29 December 2018”

  1. I have spoken to some of the people behind this so called movement. None will comment on who is funding this. So the question should be who is the 78% and
    who is funding this “movement” Lets get some honesty on both sides. And since this is about claimed numbers what percent of the people just do not care???
    78% of people do not even vote… Or, is this another Crozet survey type deal…

      1. That is a very safe answer. With crowdfunding the money can be coming from anywhere, even Russia. Where does the 78% come from? Amy Gore, are you
        close to being serious? The very nature of redistricting is very political to put
        it mildly. Watch what happens this year I doubt we have seen the worst side of
        politics yet…

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