In Need of Affordable Housing

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Affordable housing in the form of apartments has not come to Crozet as we were told would happen. Instead the Vue apts. have 1200$ 1 bdrm. units billed as “luxury”… This is not affordable.

A lot of us homeowners pay less in mortgage. Rent at 900$ a month takes 35% of low income people’s’salary. Crozets master plan by the county has displaced the low income person. It’s a travesty that our County has turned its back on the middle class & especially,  people’s families who built our Crozet .

The 200 units will add so much traffic to Jarmans Gap ..with only a stop sign at Crozet Ave.

Both issues affect everyone in Crozet. Maybe our Anne Mallek could chime in…

We need affordable housing.

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5 Replies to “In Need of Affordable Housing”

  1. Thank you Jim for posting my email on affordable housing. We,as a community, should be looking out for our neighbors & not see them priced out of Crozet..Jerry O’Dell

    1. This problem has been here for decades. Why all the interest now???
      And, who will donate the land for it and where will they be?? First, people were
      screaming for healthcare, now affordable housing. With decent paying jobs they could have both. But, the County just wasted a pile of money on the Crozet Connect. They must feel differently than you do. People do not move here for
      affordable housing…

  2. I have written the Gazette several times asking for an in-depth article on the two major apartment projects in Crozet: The Vue and The Summit in OT. Have had no response. It has been nearly 2 years since an article on these projects appeared in the Gazette. How about some investigative journalism?

  3. Frankly, I have no interest in filling up Crozet with cheap apartments. It’s a nice place and we should keep it that way.

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