Crozet Sports Seeking to Build 85,000 Square Foot Facility

Remember Crozet Sports? In August 2018, I posted their about their Crozet Indoor Sports Facility.

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Now, it appears that they’re looking to build the facility in Old Trail, per the zoning application at Albemarle County. I’d encourage reading the Special Use Permit Application Narrative before concluding/commenting either way.

Crozet Sports Indoor Recreational Facility

Read the entire application for yourself.

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3 Replies to “Crozet Sports Seeking to Build 85,000 Square Foot Facility”

  1. The County isn’t going to provide the needed recreational amenities in western Albemarle, so it’s great someone else is stepping up. How about working two additional elementary schools into the plans?

  2. In addition to a much needed indoor facility, our children need outdoor facilities in the Old Trail area as well. This includes basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, etc.

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