Crozet Master Plan (2021 edition) is Complete

I’m sure it’s not perfect; no plan ever is. (bolding below is mine)

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The Draft Crozet Master Plan is Complete — Read the Plan and Share Your Feedback!
Since September 2019, Albemarle County has been exploring, alongside the Crozet community, how to best reflect the community’s vision for the future of Crozet in the latest update to the Crozet Master Plan.

The Crozet Master Plan includes 5 chapters: an Introduction, Transportation, Land Use, Conservation, and Implementation. 

Over the past month, community members shared their priorities for recommended projects in the Implementation Chapter through an online questionnaire, at the virtual Crozet Community Advisory Committee meeting, and in-person at community pop-ups. The ‘Cataylst Projects’ in the Implementation Chapter reflect these priorities, read the draft Master Plan to learn more! Meet us at one of our pop-ups or participate anytime at!  
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