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You know what this library needs? A rooftop bar. #crozet

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Crozet Soiree: Joel Kovarsky at Crozet Library

Joel Kovarsky, The True Geography of Our Country: Jefferson’s Cartographic Vision

Cartographic Vision, Dr. Kovarsky charts the importance of geography and maps as foundational for Jefferson’s lifelong pursuits. Although the world had already seen the Age of Exploration and the great sea voyages of Captain James Cook, Jefferson lived in a time when geography was of primary importance, prefiguring the rapid specializations of the mid- to late-nineteenth-century world. In his illustrated exploration of Jefferson’s passion for geography, Kovarsky reveals how geographical knowledge was essential to the manifold interests of the Sage of Monticello.

Crozet Soiree programs are best for ages 16+.


4th Annual Crozet Swing Dance Fundraiser

Our annual fundraiser for Crozet Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD), Western Albemarle Rescue Squad (WARS), and books for Crozet Library (BCL) onSaturday, March 29, from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm at The Field School (1408 Crozet Avenue (across from Crozet Elementary).

Your help is needed to make this event a success.  If you are willing to help by bringing  “light refreshments”, such as homemade or purchased desserts or snacks, taking tickets or cleaning-up, please go to our “sign-up” webpage by clicking here.   OR contact me, Tim Tolson at[email protected] or give me a call.  Thanks for your help.  We truly can’t do it without you!

The band, Salute to Swing, a 16 piece big band from Albemarle, is back again, donating their time and talent to the cause.  Bring your friends and your slippery shoes to Crozet to dance the night away or just listen!

Admission is a $20 per person donation to either the Books for Crozet Library fund,Western Albemarle Rescue Squad (WARS) or the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD).  100% of the admission dollars will go to these agencies.  Active duty fire and rescue personnel get in free!

A free swing dance lesson will be offered at 7:00 PM followed by three hours of music from 8:00 to 11:00 pm.
Raffles and Refreshments provided by local businesses and citizen bakers.

Crozet Avenue Closing Temporarily – 27 August

Prepare accordingly.


Due to the progress of the new Crozet Library construction, Crozet residents should be aware of an upcoming traffic interruption beginning Monday, August 27.  Beginning on Monday, August 27, one lane of Crozet Avenue will be closed at a time between Jarman’s Gap Road and Library Avenue to accommodate installation of a water line and stormwater sewer beneath the roadway.  Drivers should expect delays in this area between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Water and sewer services should not be impacted.  Preparatory work for the water line construction will begin next week.
This project is expected to take approximately two weeks and should be completed by Monday, September 10, 2012.

Right Turn Lane on Crozet Avenue?

Last week I lamented the possibility of Crozet Avenue becoming a bottleneck. This week, it appears that the right turn lane may not be viable. After the break, you can see Piedmont Development Group’s proposal for a right turn lane followed by Albemarle County’s response. I’m no engineer so I’ll leave it to those who know better as to whose response is more practical. All I know is this – traffic and congestion are coming; those who live within walking or biking distance of downtown Crozet will benefit greatly from the growth.

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More on the Crozet Library

Update 10 February:

Ann Mallek writes that the meeting tonight is questionable due to the weather. Make sure you check before you go.

From the CrozetEagle listserv:

Many of you may not know that the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has spoken about closing Scottsville Library and our own Crozet Library. Due to budget constraints, they say there is not enough money for these libraries. It has been shown that the cost of running the libraries in Albemarle County is well below the other areas in Virginia. Also the Crozet Library has increased their volume of circulation over the last 2 years. As you know, once they do close this library, it is very likely we will not get another one – new or old back into this area.

Please help us save our local library! They are trying to brainstorm ideas of how we can help save the library. Right now due to weather conditions, they are not having a library meeting scheduled. But, there is a Board of Supervisors meeting on Wednesday Feb. 10th. Anyone who wishes, can go and sign up to speak out for the library.

We also have petitions to sign against closure put out at Crozet Pharmacy, Crozet Hardware Store, Mudhouse and the Post Office. I will try to put out more petitions as weather clears. Also there is a website I have created for people to post on and I am sending these to Board of . Please forward this info to anyone you can! On this website is a calendar for future events. If we can get the weather to co-operate, I will try again to post new dates for any meetings.
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