Petition to save Downtown Crozet

76 People signed. If Crozetians want to “save” Downtown Crozet, they will need to aim higher – think over one thousand people, and even then there is little assurance that the BoS will listen. More interesting to me is how these residents distributed this petition. If they distributed it “offline,” they hurt themselves. If they did it online, it seems it didn’t get much support.

How better could one market such a (or any other) petition?

Last month’s Crozet Gazette (PDF) has a nice editorial about Downtown Zoning.

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2 Replies to “Petition to save Downtown Crozet”

  1. How better could one market such a (or any other) petition?

    Pick big local events and set up a table with petition forms. The Albemarle County Fair would’ve been one such opportunity. Any heavily attended BoS (or related) meeting would be another opportunity.

    A lot of times with petitions (unless the petition is entirely symbolic) the only signatures that will count with “the powers that be” are the signatures of verifiable registered voters. And speaking of voters- an election would be another such opportunity to collect signatures. Especially since Virginia doesn’t have a law against electioneering outside polling places.

  2. Downtown Crozet is falling apart. Maybe the lack of signatures reflects the majority’s feelings correctly. Time to replace the termite ridden structures and make our town beautiful instead of just old. The “Crozet Station” plan is a start.

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