Which theme is better?

I have made some significant changes to this blog over the past two days. Many hours of tweaking, testing, etc. later and I think I have it where I want it (for the next few days/weeks, at least). After trying several other themes, I came back to the one I use on realcentralvatiga.

I have added the following:

– Recent comments (to the right, to help track discussions)
– A “submit a story” page (pretty self-explanatory)
– Perhaps most different is the “Announcements” section to the right – If you have an event you would like to announce, visit the handy-dandy submit a story page and – voilà – it will be added as soon as I get to it.

What do you think? Is the old theme better?

Old Theme

I think the new theme is more functional than the last and I’m thinking about keeping it …

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8 Replies to “Which theme is better?”

  1. I think the new look is much better. I have been getting info off this website for a few months. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the comments. I agree with one off-line commenter that the new look is a bit “busier,” but feel that the trade-off of simplicity for function is worth it.We’ll see.

  3. I would say the new skin is more functional then its predisessor, if more daunting for those who have not fully embraced the Internet 2.0* system, and thus I would say that it is an improvement.

    “Sites like Google Maps, Hotmail and Flickr are more like services, letting the user interact with them in the way that they might use programs running on their computers.”
    ~The BBC

  4. Today was my first visit to your blog. Saw a brief story in the Crozet Paper. Love the paper and the blog. Plan to visit often.

  5. It took me 23 minutes to respond to your email – on a Sunday afternoon, and all your comments have been saved from the spam filter. Please, lighten up.

    And … thank you for visiting.


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