Endorsing ASAP?

From Sunday’s Crozet Community Association email:

At the CCA meeting Thursday, the following officers were elected for next year:; President, David Wayland;; Vice President, Heidi Sonen;; Secretary, Judy Burbes; Treasurer, Emery Taylor.;

At the meeting we heard a report from Jack Marshall from Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population (ASAP).; He invited the CCA to endorse their amendment to the Albemarle County Comprehensive Plan, an amendment calling for the Board of Supervisors to define our area’s Sustainable Optimal Population size.; Detailed information on this amendment can be found on ASAP’s website www.stopgrowthasap.org; Members of CCA will be asked at our January 11th meeting to vote on endorsing ASAP’s position

What do you think about this proposal? Is it a viable option? Would Crozetians support such a proposal? What is our “optimal size”? Practically, how might we limit that population? If we reach X population threshold – what happens then?

Rather than link to their Word document, I have provided their Comprehensive Plan Amendment here as a PDF.

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One Reply to “Endorsing ASAP?”

  1. Vigorous planning by various government agencies and local interest groups to control growth sounds like a good idea..but it won’t work..nor should it.

    Government planning is just another way to limit freedom and property rights. Taken to it’s extreme, it’s called communism.

    Simply put, individual property owners do a much better job of planning their communities than do overzealous governments.

    Leave it to free people…and stop meddling.

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