Sex offender expose coming

In Crozet this afternoon, I passed an NBC29 news crew doing a story on sexual offenders. They happened to be filming at a vacant lot on Hilltop Street, where this gentleman is registered to live. Huh. A vacant lot. There is no tent. So where is he? And how accurate is the Commonwealth’s database? Knowing where these folks are is important. Kudos to 29 for doing this upcoming three part series.

I was discussing this several weeks ago with fellow Crozetians and parents; it’s good to see “main stream media” taking this on.

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2 Replies to “Sex offender expose coming”

  1. The NBC29 news story ran tonight (11/28) on the 6pm news. As Jim said, basically covers how poor the sex offender registry is at tracking offenders. Included an interview with a neighbor on Hill Top that had no idea about the offender living next door.

    More will be broadcast tomorrow morning and tomorrow’s 6pm news has a follow-up story focused on how to fix it.

  2. Here is the story, and the pertinent quote:

    State police investigated more than 1,700 cases of noncompliance last year, including sex offenders providing false information like a wrong address. In Crozet, a sex offender is registered to 5627 Hill Tops Street–an address to an abandoned open lot near a park a within a mile of an elementary school.

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