Old Trail opens its arms to the community

This qualifies as a “good thing” –

On Tuesday, January 23, 2007, Old Trail Golf LLC, filed an application for a Special Use Permit with the County of Albemarle Department of Community Development. This new permit will modify our existing SUP and will allow Old Trail to host events other than golf related events. The ability to use the new Pavillion for these affairs is consistent with Old Trail’s “inclusive” philosophy, namely, as a place where all are welcome, and would allow all the opportunity to host gatherings in the Pavillion. These uses could range from birthday parties, garden clubs, book clubs, private dinners, business meetings (for example, in March the Albemarle Bar Association will hold it’s annual meeting here in late March), Old Trail Owners Association meetings, to Crozet Community Association. These uses are consistent with our original vision for the clubhouse, we were advised to add these uses to our existing Permit to avoid any future problems for those that will want to use the clubhouse in the future.

Thanks to OTV for the heads-up.

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