Fireworks in Crozet – almost here!

In ten days, Crozetians will witness the first fireworks not funded by the Fire Department. For the past few months, the Crozet community has been very busy working to raise five thousand dollars to pay for the fireworks. Folks, this needs to be a community effort. Several businesses and private individuals have stepped to the plate and given their part.

A disappointing discovery has been that very few Crozetians have donated anything at all. Personally, I got involved in the fundraising efforts because I felt it was disappointing that our community wouldn’t continue the tradition. One of the things that makes Crozet somewhat special is the community.

Now is the time to give. The Crozet Volunteer Fireman’s Summer Fest and the Fireworks are right around the corner!

Downtown Crozet Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 124
Crozet, Virginia 22932

If you work for a local company, ask them to give a few bucks. Maybe they’ll match your donation. How hard is it to give 10 bucks? Twenty-five?

Next year, we’ll have an online donation system to make things easier.

note: I despise writing posts admonishing the public, but this is something the entire community really should get behind and support. Note also the Crozet Gazette’s editorial in June’s issue.

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One Reply to “Fireworks in Crozet – almost here!”

  1. I know it’s short notice but there will be a bake sale in front of Great Valu this afternoon from 4:00 – 6:00 and the proceeds will go towards the fireworks. Come out and buy some yummy treats for the weekend and help support the fireworks in Crozet!

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