Congratulations, Crozet

On the fireworks.

Driving home seeing people setting up their chairs in the parking lot of the Great Valu, hearing the cheers from Crozet Park (I watched the fireworks from our bedroom, as my younger daughter wanted to stay inside) and seeing my neighbors having backyard parties to celebrate Independence Day (on 30 June), it was clear that the Fireworks were a success.

Those who came together and raised the money for the Fireworks in Crozet – the Downtown Crozet Association, the Crozet Gazette, the many businesses, the community bake sale … should be proud.

What would Independence Day in Crozet be without the Fireworks and the Fireman’s Festival?

Well done, Crozet.

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If you happen to have any photos of the fireworks, please email me or post them to flickr and tag them with “Crozet”.

Just a note: For those who didn’t donate anything, don’t worry – they still need money for next year’s fireworks, so don’t hesitate to send a few bucks their way. 🙂

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3 Replies to “Congratulations, Crozet”

  1. What I could see of the fireworks were great-they barely made it over the trees behind our house. We had to watch from home, too, because our little kids needed to sleep. I was impressed with how long the show lasted!

  2. Why are they on June 30th? Two reasons I am aware of –

    1) it’s done in coordination with the Fireman’s Festival
    2) it’s cheaper. Much cheaper.

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