Walk to School Day – 18 September

This Friday, September 18th is Walk to School Day at Crozet Elementary.

I talked about walking to Crozet Elementary a few weeks ago here on RealCrozetVA.

Will you be walking to school this Friday?

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Update 17 September 2009: I thought this story from RealCentralVA this was pertinent:

Being “close to stuff” matters. Certainly not for everybody, but I’d argue that, for a larger segment of the population than we’ve seen in 50+ years, the following paragraph is applicable and relevant. (Once again, bolding mine)

There are two additional conclusions suggested by the literature. One is that once the mix of nonresidential uses exceeds a certain level in an area, the disamenities effects may begin to dominate. The other is that some non-residential uses, such as retail, parks, and offices, tend to have a more favorable impact on single family values compared to apartments and industrial uses. It seems logical to expect that both the precise amount and the specific mix of uses in an area can affect property values. Moreover, each type of property may differ in how it responds to different amounts and types of other uses. For example, shops and parks and restaurants may benefit residents in homes and apartments and workers in non-residential properties, while industrial uses may always do best when located away from homes and shopping. A search for such “optimum blends” has not been conducted by researchers so far, but it is logical to expect specific uses to benefit most from proximity to a specific amount and mix of other uses.

And from my posterous blog.

Also, Walkscore’s blog discussed the theory of walkability and housing values.

Update 18 September 2009:

WCAV’s story.

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