Wrapping up the Crozet Town Meeting – 30 September 2009 Crozet Town Meeting- September 30 2009

Ed. Note: This story was written by RealCrozetVA reader and commenter Leslie Burns.

At the town meeting on Sept. 30th, the progress of the Master Plan was reviewed by individuals spearheading each part of the plan that are seeing progress. A brief review showed attention to all of the 7 Guiding Principles. Take a moment to review the principles that you in Crozet set out as a guide from the very beginning of this process:

The 7 Guiding Principles of Crozet’s Master Plan

– Building Distinct Neighborhoods

– Linking the community through multiple forms of transportation, including walking and bicycle riding.

– Diversity, affordability and choice in housing stock.

– Promoting locally grown businesses that provide jobs for residents.

– Valuing and conserving natural resources.

– Families, History and Diversity provide identity to the community.

– Actively supporting the community facilities-parks, pool, library etc.

Lee Catlin and Ann Mallek welcomed and introduced the evening’s presenters and their purpose. Individuals working directly with each area presented an overview of the progress being made.

Bill Letteri – Director of the Albemarle County Office of Facilities Development- spoke about the many facets that make up the master plan as a whole and how they work together. He urged Crozet to stand united behind the plan which has $15 million in funds scheduled to help realize the vision.

Trevor Henry– Albemarle County Senior Project Manager- brought us up to date on the Library and introduced the elevation/drawings for viewing. The Library is working towards a LEED Silver certificate, making it not only a pleasant place to read books, but an environmentally friendly place as well.

Jack Kelsey– Albermarle County Transportation Engineer- spoke of the progress being made on the Streetscape project. The preparations for the utilities work is almost complete, as well as slow and steady progress towards gaining easement rights downtown. The process is still on schedule. The new curbs, sidewalks and trees, as well as removal of the utility lines will greatly enhance the downtown experience.

Jarman’s Gap project (a VDOT project) for widening and improving the usability of that road is also on track and is an active piece of the Master Plan puzzle.

Bill Schraeder– Chair of Fundraising for the Crozet Library- urged all those present and beyond, to be creative and provide sources for funding of the library. He asked all of the citizens of Crozet that work for, or have retired from corporations/businesses who donate through matching funds or otherwise, to reach out to them for monies to be donated to the Crozet library. You can contact Bill directly or donate using the following contact info:

Friends of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library-Crozet Building Fund
1500 Gordon Ave., Charlottesville, Va. 22903
phone: (434-977-8467 | email
Crozet Library Fundraising Committee-Bill Schrader, Chair
phone: (434)823-8420 | email

Ron White– Albermarle County Housing Director- let us know that new affordable housing project at The Meadows (on Crozet Ave.) is ahead of schedule. A grant of $700,000 provided funding for the land and site preparation that will bring the total units at the Meadows to 66. The new buildings are Earthcraft built- meaning that they are in line with green building specifications. Once the new buildings are completed, the older units will be renovated. This housing is specifically built for those 62 years and older.

David Wayland– heads the Crozet Historic District and updated us on the Historic District designation, which has been approved. The area included is north from the Rock Gate cemetery on Crozet Ave. up to the Old School, west on St. George and east to include the downtown area.

Elaine Echols– Albemarle County Principal Planner- gave us a five-year update on the Crozet Master Plan. Crozet is one of eleven growth areas in Albemarle County. They project that by July 2010 the planning and preparation should be completed and bids for work to take the progress forward will occur.
Albemarle County Police had Sergeant Pete Mazmer (sp) speak about the police presence in Crozet and in this section of Albemarle County. Main concerns he addressed were traffic and safety.

All speakers were available to answer questions and provide more information following the brief updates.

PLAN TO ATTEND the first of many scheduled forums to discuss individual Master Plan topics. The first forum will be held at the Old Crozet School on October 15th, hosted by Crozet Community Advisory Council.

Sign up for Crozet e-news from A-mail: www.albermarle.org/amail
Check out the Crozet website: www.albermarle.org/crozet

Attend the Crozet Community Advisory Council regularly scheduled

Meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month, 7-9 PM at The Meadows

For more information on the Crozet Master Plan please call Rebecca Ragsdale at 434-296-5832 or email.

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