CCAC Meeting 16 June 2011 – Claudius Place, Library Parking Lot, Lumberyard & …

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Who knew walking to school would be such a contentious issue? I’ll say only this: parents should exercise their rights to allow their children to walk to school, even in the face of oppressive schools with absurd policies preventing kids from walking or biking to school. If the schools are so concerned with how kids get to school, minors shouldn’t be allowed to drive to school; dangerous things and accidents happen there, too.

With that mini-rant aside, please take a few minutes to read/review the tweets from tonight’s Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting. A lot was discussed – Claudius Place, the future design of the lumberyard, the library (temporary) parking lot … a few highlights:

– Fireworks plan is moving along – they have raised $4800 and need quite a bit more
– The Pool Dome needs $28k
– George Allen and Tim Kaine will be walking or riding in the parade
Fiberlight is coming close to Crozet. Ann Mallek said something about Blue Ridge Internetworks and Fiberlight.
– I’ll be posting the Claudius Place renderings and drawings asap

scroll to the bottom, click “load more” and then scroll and click “load more” again and start at the bottom.

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6 Replies to “CCAC Meeting 16 June 2011 – Claudius Place, Library Parking Lot, Lumberyard & …”

  1. Nice job last night, Jim.  I hope something good comes out of the “walk to school” discussion.  Having a rep from the school board was a good thing, I guess, if she lives up to her promises.
    And kudos to Mike and the others who are working so hard on the Fourth of July celebration.

    1. I was left with the distinct impression last night that nothing is going to be done regarding the schools’ walking to school ban without the parents taking the initiative by refusing to accept the absurd policy.

      If the parents don’t mobilize and continue to acquiesce, then unfortunately their kids are left powerless.

    2. Thanks, Chuck. Realistically, until the parents mobilize and demand that the school apply reason and logic and abandon this absurd (and I’d bet illegal) policy, the oppressive policy of ignorance will continue. 

      1. Mobilize for what? Children can walk to school. They can also
        hitchhike , crawl, or whatever.  Been there, done that.When students walk to Brownsville Market they are walking to and from school. Happens all the time. What is supposed to be the penalty? Why empower people that have none? I expect if you push the issue they will claim that it’s a policy, which means nothing. There are some things you should know without having to ask…

  2. Are you reading this Ed?  Allen and Kaine will be in the parade, Crozet is the center of the world!

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