Mint Springs Playground Closed (temporarily)

Sarah Z sends this in:

After a recent inspection, Albemarle County’s Parks and Recreation Department determined that the playground at Mint Springs was in need of repair. The replacement parts were promptly ordered and have already been received. According to Parks and Recreation employee Tim Hughes, the current plan is to repair the areas of concern as soon as the weather permits. Until that time, the playground is considered unsuitable for public use and will remain closed. It is currently estimated that the repairs will occur within the next several weeks. As to the long-range plans for the playground, it is on the schedule to be replaced in the next few years.

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One Reply to “Mint Springs Playground Closed (temporarily)”

  1. They should bring back the huge steel slide they had there 30 years ago when I was a kids.  That was the best thing in all of Crozet.

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