One Reply to “Crozet PARC Pushing Forward on Wednesday”

  1. The PARC is planning to “fill the BOS with Green on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 asking the Bos to transfer funds and give the park to secure $200,000 to renovate the community building adjacent to the pool
    This area will provide the hub for fitness and recreational opportunities for all age groups along with programming for tennis and basket ball in the park.
    The blog indicates that two non-profit CCP and YMCA jointly operating the facility and that the facility will serve all regardless of ability to pay creating a new model of private/public cooperation in the heart of the county’s first designated growth area.  
    Currently litigation is pending in both Albemarle and the City of Charlottesville because the County made a decision to allocate about $2 million dollars for the YMCA in McIntire Park.  The litigation is brought forth by area fitness and wellness centers, alleging that the City and County excluded them when it came time to bid for the land within McIntire Park that the YMCA would be built on.  
    This is yet another attempt to let government determine what is right for a community rather than allowing the community to determine what is right.  The above manner is driven by a small special interest group that is totally focused on “me” rather than understanding all the long term ramifications of creating more entities that eventually will be supported by tax dollars.
    The pending litigation is an example of government “assuming” responsibility with little regard for the total cost of ownership over the course of the life of the project and without regard for the citizens who  do not want a tax increase. 
    Leave the money where it was designed and avoid more tax dollars to settle even more litigation and allow people to make choices, including working for what they want rather than entitlement programs for all. 

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