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Mr. Martin

Through four years at WAHS, few teachers have influenced me and pushed me to think more than Mr. Martin. He teaches both Debate and American History, and has been working and Western for 23 years now. One of the reasons he keeps coming back year after year, he said, was the interaction with his many students. The energy that comes from discussion and their unpredictable responses even to routine questions are the best parts of working as a teacher. He told me that he thinks Western is a great institution because it brings everyone closer; this does not happen exclusively at the school, however. Mr. Martin believes that WAHS hones the identity of Crozet as a whole: from the athletic events to graduation, everyone comes together as a result of Western. I definitely agree with him, and can attest to the fact that I cannot walk anywhere in Crozet without seeing at least five people I know.

by Spencer Kulow

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People of Crozet

I saw this nifty new site – last week and thought – “this would be so cool to do in Crozet!”

Their goal is an admirable one.

The Cville People Project, a documentary photography project, was inspired by the Humans of New York website, which is the result of the attempt of one photographer to provide a sort of photographic census of New York City.

The focus of this project is somewhat different. I believe that we come to know a city through the people who live there, so my goal is to depict the city of Charlottesville through its inhabitants. I intend to make portraits of as many Charlottesvillians as possible and share them, along with a little bit about each person, on this photoblog.

Documenting some of the faces – the people – many of us see every day, every week, who make Crozet a unique and special place to be – is something that I thought would be neat to do for Crozet.

But I don’t have time. So asked for help on Facebook. And Twitter. And I’ll reiterate the request here. If you’re interested in helping/contributing, please let me know, either in the comments or on this little contact form. Or call me.

I debated seriously copying the People of Charlottesville folks (and the New York site) and publishing this project on a tumblr blog … it’d be a bit prettier and it would be nice to have it all be on one site, but … as I said on Google Plus:

I want what we create to exist and persist for the community, rather than be at the mercy/whim of the market (see: Picplz (edit: or posterous) or any of the other stuff in the deadpool.

Thanks to our volunteers, Spencer Kulow and my daughter Alexandra Duncan, our goal is to push out one or two “people of Crozet” a week for the next several weeks. If you have suggestions for anyone who you think would be nice to profile or want to help, please let me know.

Stay tuned; as of right now, I have the next three Wednesdays’ posts and the next three Fridays’ posts scheduled . I hope this becomes something cool for Crozet.

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If you Haven’t Walked or Biked on Jarman’s Gap, Why not?

It’s looking good. Last week, my no-longer-a-second-grade-daughter and I rode our bikes from Parkside Village to get ice cream at Trailside Coffee; it’s an easy ride.

I haven’t taken photos of Jarman’s Gap in a while, but I’ll say this – it’s a fantastic road – easy to walk and ride on. It’s surely going to allow better connectivity – both physically and psychologically – between the neighborhoods along Jarman’s Gap and downtown Crozet.

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Bar with Big Deck coming to Downtown Crozet

I can’t bring myself to call it a “sky bar” … but this will be pretty cool.

The skybar will have 1,600 square feet of open roof and another 1,144 square feet of glass-enclosed bar. With the right alignment, the Claudius Place rooftop could be the primo sunset-watching place in western Albemarle.

1,600 square feet of open roof sounds fun.

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Temporary Parking Lot to be Closed

Parking lot, we hardly knew ye …

via email –
New Crozet Library Parking lot to be closed as part of library construction project.

The public parking lot serving the new Crozet Library site on Library Avenue will be closed to the public beginning Monday, June 11, to allow for construction activity to be staged from that space.  Future construction activity may also temporarily impact traffic patterns in downtown Crozet, those activities will be announced in advance to minimize any disruptions or inconvenience to the public.
“While we regret the temporary inconvenience of the parking lot closure, we are very excited that this very visible sign of progress on construction of the new library is underway with all the very positive benefits that will bring to downtown Crozet,” said Lee Catlin, Assistant to the County Executive for Community and Business Partnerships.