Storifying the CCAC Meeting – 16 May 2013

Crozet Community Advisory Council Meeting - 16 May

I’m glad I went and live-tweeting the Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting last night; the interaction on Twitter highlighted how important it is to have outside voices paying attention but also that outside people are paying attention. I pay a lot of attention to what’s happening in Crozet – both because I love it and live here, but also so I can better advise my clients. Had I not attended and tweeted last night, I wouldn’t have known about a lot of the stuff listed below. Suggestion: look at the highlights, click through to read the entire Storify then get involved.


– Someone is apparently interested in the Barnes Lumberyard

– 1306 and 1278 Crozet Avenue are going to have some sort of infill redevelopment (nothing showing yet at Albemarle’s County View)

– Funding has temporarily fallen through for Claudius Place

– Crozet schools are on their way to getting crowded – see the tweets.

– I’m still baffled that no one thought Old Trail would have kids (apparently someone thought it’d be all retirees)

– Crozet Fireworks – 6 July

– Meeting on 19 June to discuss Critical Slopes proposed changes. (this is a potentially big deal).


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4 Replies to “Storifying the CCAC Meeting – 16 May 2013”

  1. There was a message regarding changes to the subdivision ordinance which would remove the ability for adjacent owners to call up projects before the planning commission. I didn’t think there were any changes, but I sent a letter to the planning staff. Here is the answer:

    The Subdivision Ordinance has not been amended to change review process. Currently certain types of plats are reviewed administratively and cannot be called up to the PC or BOS by anyone other than the applicant. (Boundary Line adjustments, family divisions, easements, two-lot subdivisions). However, larger subdivisions can still be appealed to the Planning Commission by abutting owners, Commission Members, Board Members, Zoning Administrator, County Executive or Agent.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Wow. The Storify summary is very powerful.

    Regarding the Murray and Merriweather comment, can you provide a bit more context of that (the resident in the Murray district adds). We evaluated options during the redistricting discussion last fall but wonder if we need to consider the longer term plan.

    1. Thanks, @twitter-19523156:disqus.

      That comment was made in the context of the growth that’s anticipated in the Crozet schools – as Brownsville and Crozet both grow (Crozet is slated to be doubled in size as of my last interpretation of the long range plan).

      Say Brownsville has 800 kids and Crozet 600 and Henley’s capacity is 1000 (I’m rounding up for the sake of easy math) there won’t be room for the kids not in Crozet.

      At least, that’s my interpretation …

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