Crozet Community Advisory Council Meeting – 21 November 2013

If anyone – anyone – is willing to live-tweet this meeting, please let me know asap. The agenda is chock-full of really interesting, relevant, important stuff. (bolding mine)

* Update: two volunteers have stepped forward to live-tweet the meeting and one more is likely to write a guest post. At the very least there will be at least three more people there. Thank you!

Live-tweeting the meetings accomplishes several things:

1) It gets you (or me) to attend the meeting to listen and learn

2) Tweeting the meeting engages the folks who are at home, unable to attend but really want to be informed

3) It allows me to capture the tweets and post them in a blog post here for anyone/everyone else who is interested in the meeting and can neither attend nor follow on Twitter.

4) It helps the CCAC know that people are paying attention.

5) Tweets capture more than almost any news story can.

CROZET COMMUNITY ADVISORY COUNCIL The Meadows, Crozet (5735 Meadows Dr.)

Thursday, November 21, 2013 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

1. Agenda Review. (Meg Holden – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes from October 17, 2013 meeting.

3. Project Updates/Information:

• Library fundraising update – Bill Schrader.

• Streetscape update and overview of town hall meeting – Lee Caitlin

• Discussion of Barnes Lumber company – Leslie Burns and Meg Holden

• Update on plans for pedestrian crossing signal at Clover Lawn/Harris


• Update on Safe Routes to School project, with information specific to

the crossing at Crozet Elementary

• Hotel project

• Wilson Jones property environmental remediation

• Resolution for extension of Crozet library hours

4. News concerning area schools affecting development area.

5. Change of meeting date and place – Bill Schrader.

6. Items not listed on the agenda

7. Announcements.

8. Future Agenda Items.

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