Funny Water in Crozet?

This could be nothing. It could be something. But either way, Albemarle County Service Authority might want to have a website prominently displaying answers.

First things first: The Newsplex has a story that says the water is fine.

Officials with the Albemarle County Service Authority say they are aware of the problem. Despite initial reports to avoid using water from the faucets, officials now say the water is safe to drink and there is no need to boil it.

That said –

There are an awful lot of comments on the Facebook post/question (and lots of “shares” too – 22 at the time of this posting):

Funny water in Crozet? Just received this message:

“I am hearing reports of yellowish or greenish water in Crozet. Apparently it is noticeable in a bath tub but not a glass of water. Have you heard about this?”

Right now it seems that there are a lot of questions. A quick summary:

– Some folks in Crozet have discolored water
– Albemarle County Service Authority is apparently giving conflicting accounts. Some folks say they’re being told the water is fine, some are being told to boil water.
– Lots of neighborhoods have discolored water, and others are fine.

Update 17 Feb: Not so comforting, but thanks to the Newsplex for continuing to follow this.

While instinctively when you look at yellow water, if feels wrong to drink…the experts say that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe.

Tim Brown of the Albemarle County Service Authority says “testing continues to show safe drinking water. In terms of the residual chlorine content in the water…micro-organisms are growing in the water.”

But that doesn’t answer the question of what caused it.

And the truth is, they still don’t know. But there are some baffling factors.

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