What do you think, Crozet?

I had a great conversation this week with a  Community Development Student at Texas A&M University  about Crozet and thought the questions posed were good and relevant for us all to ponder:

“When responding to these questions, keep in mind the problems Crozet has faced since the 1990’s and how the town has evolved to alleviate these issues.

For the following questions, think in the context of increased population and traffic congestion.

1.) Do you commute to work every day? Drive a child to school?

a. As compared to 2000, how has your daily drive to and from work/responsibilities changed within the Crozet community?

2.) What are some of the changes you have witnessed to the Crozet landscape over the past 10-20 years?

3.) Have these changes been for better or for worse?

4.) What was done to help alleviate the problems these changes made?

5.) Is there anything that you would have done differently?”

 And, as I’m curious, and you answer, please say how long you’ve lived here.
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