The Vue – Coming to Downtown Crozet – 120+ Apartments

The Vue in Downtown Crozet - Preliminary Site Plan
The Vue – Preliminary Site Plan


An interesting by-right development is coming to downtown Crozet.

The Vue. 120+ apartments on Blue Ridge Avenue.

Dig into the plan. (start here) Get informed and aware. The preliminary site plan is here.

The Crozet Gazette isn’t a fan of the project. (bolding mine)

The poster child for abuse of this policy is a new by-right apartment project called The Vue on Blue Ridge Avenue. On land zoned R6 and designated at that density in the Crozet Master Plan, Pinnacle Construction and Development of Charlottesville will build nine 14-unit apartment buildings, a clubhouse and swimming pool to create a total of 125 apartments with an effective density of R18. This cynical and exploitative move is an act of sabotage to the master plan and destroys a happy 125-year-old neighborhood.

Read the whole thing.


Update: The Crozet Gazette pulls this from their archives:


CCAC Special Meeting – 5 May at 7pm – Recommending Adelaide Denial or Approval

Update – the meeting is THURSDAY at the Meadows 

via email:

“Attached is an agenda for our meeting this week, Wed May 4 Thursday May 5 to be held 7pm at the Meadows at the Field School (note meeting location as the library and the Meadows were both already booked).  This is a special meeting that CCAC members requested since we ran out of time at our last meeting to discuss CCAC’s view of and any final comments we might wish to make to the PC and BOS on the revised proposed Adelaide Project SUP.

I also attach for easy reference (1) presentation on the revised project made by Kyle at our last meeting, including a link to the revised application materials, (2) County staff’s comment letter, and (3) the CCAC’s prior resolution on the project, all of which had been circulated previously.  See you all Wednesday!”
For background, see last week’s summary of the CCAC Meeting. Really. Spend some time catching up.

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