CCAC Special Meeting – 5 May at 7pm – Recommending Adelaide Denial or Approval

Update – the meeting is THURSDAY at the Meadows 

via email:

“Attached is an agenda for our meeting this week, Wed May 4 Thursday May 5 to be held 7pm at the Meadows at the Field School (note meeting location as the library and the Meadows were both already booked).  This is a special meeting that CCAC members requested since we ran out of time at our last meeting to discuss CCAC’s view of and any final comments we might wish to make to the PC and BOS on the revised proposed Adelaide Project SUP.

I also attach for easy reference (1) presentation on the revised project made by Kyle at our last meeting, including a link to the revised application materials, (2) County staff’s comment letter, and (3) the CCAC’s prior resolution on the project, all of which had been circulated previously.  See you all Wednesday!”
For background, see last week’s summary of the CCAC Meeting. Really. Spend some time catching up.

Copy and pasting from the attached PDF with the CCAC’s Summary Proposed Comments on Adelaide.

Crozet Community Advisory Committee (“CCAC”) Summary Comments on Proposed Adelaide Project Rezoning February 17, 2016

The CCAC offers the following comments to the Planning Commission (“PC”) and the Board of Supervisors (“BOS”) regarding the currently proposed rezoning associated with the proposed Adelaide development in the Crozet Growth Area of western Albemarle County:

1. The CCAC is concerned about traffic safety along this specific part of Route 250.

2. The proposed density is inconsistent with other development on this part of Route 250.

3. The Crozet Master Plan does not encourage this density of development at this location and the proposed density is not appropriate along Route 250.

4. We encourage development with single family detached homes at this location in accordance with the Crozet Master Plan.

5. Therefore we recommend denying this rezoning request. A letter dated December 14, 2015 from the Cory Farm Homeowners Association and a petition circulated by the Association are attached.

I, David A. Stoner, do hereby certify that the foregoing was adopted by the Crozet Community Advisory Committee at its regular monthly meeting held February 17, 2016 by a motion made by Leslie Burns, seconded by John Savage. CCAC members present: David A. Stoner, Acting Chair; Mary Gallo, Acting Vice Chair; George W. Barlow, III, Secretary; Beth Bassett; Leslie Burns; Kim Connolly; Mary Gallo; Kim Guenther; Lisa Marshall; John McKeon; John Savage; and Brenda Plantz.

Signed: _________________________________

David A. Stoner, Acting Chair Crozet Community Advisory Committee

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