Emerson Commons – Crozet’s Cohousing Community

Remember the cohousing community that was coming to 240 in 2009?

Now it appears that site is called Emerson Commons, as reported by Tim Dodson with Charlottesville Tomorrow, and it’s going to be a reality.

A new cohousing community will be coming to Crozet by 2018.

Emerson Commons will be located on 6.1 acres along Parkview Drive off Route 240, near the Crozet Veterinary Care Center.

“For some people, this ‘cohousing’ term, they’ve never heard it before, this is the first in this region,” said Peter Lazar, who is developing the community. “Some of the core elements that you see in every cohousing neighborhood is that parking is on the periphery, so that’s a fundamental aspect of it to make it pedestrian-oriented, [and] the houses are clustered so that there’s more green space.”


The August 2016 Crozet Gazette is Here!

I love this time of the month – a new Crozet Gazette.

A few of my favorite stories (make sure to pick one up at a local store, and buy something while you’re there!) –

More on Old Trail Village’s New Commercial Phase

Big news last week when Old Trail Village released the plans for their next commercial phase.

Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Tim Dodson reports more today:

Brockman said there will likely be three to five retail tenants, depending on how the ground floor space is divided up.

“We’ve had our ear to the ground for a while, listening to the existing merchants that are in Old Trail and in Crozet and speaking with residents, so we hope to bring at least one more restaurant to this facility,” Wilson said.

Wilson said some other retail ideas include an outdoors shop, a bike store and a small grocery with a deli.

Brockman suggested a boutique could be another possible type of tenant, in addition to potential service-oriented tenants.

“We’re hoping to be very inclusive in our search, and we certainly appreciate and welcome feedback from area residents,” Wilson said. “We want to be good neighbors and we want to help provide a new service that people will use.”

See more at the Old Trail Village Center site.


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If Crozet Became a Town – What Might its Budget Look Like?

I’m advocating nothing here, other than for discussion and conversation.

Easy questions about “if Crozet became a town”?
  • Would you be willing to pay more in taxes to have more control over the future of Crozet?
  • Would yet another layer of bureaucracy be a good thing?
  • How is being a town working out for Scottsville?
A big question

@realcrozetva what additional services would you want for your town taxes?

A Budget from a friend

Here is a link to what a Crozet budget would look like if incorporated from a very well run Town that is comparable in community feel and size.

ACSA would provide the water and sewer, so the budget would be around $5mm per year, and provide police services in the Town. Of that, 40% is streets, much of which is funded via VDOT cost sharing.

Police is $850K annually, parks and rec around $600K. They have really nice baseball/softball facilities and parks. On par with what Crozet would provide.

The pie chart on the last page is instructive.

Added tax rate is 9 cents per hundred on Real Estate in the Town.


Town status could be a Pandora’s box for either side of the argument, depending upon who would be elected, but I do think Crozet would benefit from Town status and to be able to more closely control and direct its own policies, decisions and land use outcomes.

In response to my inquiry as to if he knew any other localities that successfully sought and achieved town status –  (bolding mine)

There was a movement at Massanutten to seek Town status, but that was an anti-growth movement and there is no “town” there apart from the Resort who is opposed.

I think it would be relatively easy to define the Town boundary – just take the existing Comp Plan boundaries and survey it. The actual steps to seek Town status at the General Assembly do not appear daunting, but that excludes the County/State politics discussion.

Bridgewater is a great example to use as it is in a similar place as the premier bedroom community to a major public university town. Full of parks and town pride and a perfect family community, but really lacking the ability to attract new major employers despite the quality of life.

“Really lacking the ability to attract new employers” … or in Crozet’s/Albemarle’s case, the desire/will to do so.

See this.