Reviewing Crozet in 2016 through the RealCrozetVA lens

2015 was interesting. 2016 continued the interesting.  Through November, 140 stories were posted here on the blog. A lot more throughout the RealCrozetVA ecosystem. I’ve done this recap for a couple years and I find it useful, informative, and helpful for me; I hope it is for you as well.

What do you think were the biggest stories of 2016 in Crozet?

These are a few, but by no means the only, or biggest, 2016 Crozet stories


Crozet is and will remain a wonderful place to live. Let’s see how we can work together to grow wisely, keeping as much as we can that makes Crozet a special place to be.

The RealCrozetVA ecosystem is: The RealCrozetVA blog, RealCrozetVA Twitter, RealCrozetVA facebook, and RealCrozetVA Instagram. The RealCrozetVA home is and will always be the blog, because I own it … and the rest likely can and will change. I’ve found the archives here invaluable.

Questions? Comments? Email or call me anytime.

January (11 posts)

Mint Springs sledding
Mint Springs sledding

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Small Changes Coming to Great Valu

Since Great Valu sold a few weeks ago, small and not-so-small change have been taking place.

Notable changes

  • New produce shelves
  • New wine shelves
  • Moved the eggs
  • Suggestion box
  • Perhaps my favorite – near the suggestion box is the Great Valu timeline and the already-submitted suggestions.

There are surely more changes I didn’t notice in my quick trip through, and more to come.

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Crozet Trails Crew Assists Blue Ridge Tunnel Foundation

by Teri Kostiw:

Pictured: Standing – John Smith, Colleen Carew, Clover Carroll, Bevin Cetta Boisvert, Gene Locke, Terri Miyamoto, Teri Kostiw, Joe Abbate, Mike Fox, Robert Kavanaugh. Front Row – Linda McNeil, Ellen Groth, Allen Hale, David Miyamoto. Not pictured: Bob Dombrowe, Tom Guterbock, Steve Kostiw.


On Saturday, December 3, and Saturday, December 10, members of The Crozet Trails Crew assisted in clearing an area for The Blue Ridge Tunnel Foundation where a fence will be constructed.  The fence will prevent access to the current active train tracks which run beside the new access path to the Tunnel.

Allen Hale, President of the Blue Ridge Tunnel Foundation and Nelson County Supervisor, along with Bob Dombrowe, Tunnel Board member and Crozet Trails Crew Vice President, spearheaded the workdays in an effort to reduce costs associated with the fence installation.  The group cleared brush and removed trees blocking the pathway as well as removing trash from the site.

Following the completion of this work, The Trails Crew members were given a personal tour of the Nelson County portion of the tunnel as a thank you for their efforts.  The tours of the Eastern Portal have proven very popular and when offered are sold out very quickly so the Crew appreciated this special opportunity.

Please look for further updates on the progress of the Blue Ridge Tunnel project; you can stay in touch with the project by going to  The Foundation would like to remind everyone that “for purposes of ensuring safety and eliminating liability, there is currently NO public access to either the west portal or east portal (including no access to the Blue Ridge Tunnel itself) during the reconstruction phases of the tunnel.  “No Trespassing” signs have been posted on both the Nelson County and Augusta County sides of the project, and a gate now blocks entrance to the eastern trails parking lot.  Violators are subject to prosecution.”


CCAC Meeting Recap – Robotic Cars, Property Rights, Trails & More

CCAC meeting - December 14, 2016
CCAC meeting – December 14, 2016

Last night’s Crozet Community Advisory Committee (CCAC) meeting at the Meadows covered lots of ground, as always.


Please. Click all the way through, start at the bottom, and make your way back up.

If you’re interested, you can find all of the CCAC meeting recaps here.

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CCAC Meeting – 14 December 2016 | Proffers, Barnes, Growth

1 – This CCAC meeting is at the Meadows, without wifi. Boo.

2 – Lots of stuff on the agenda. If you’re interested in Crozet’s growth & development, please come.

3 – Because this is at the Meadows, and there is no time limit on the meeting, come prepared to be there well past 9.



The Meadows
Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Update: these four files were sent to the CCAC google group at 11:33 this morning.



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Weekend Events in Crozet – 9-11 December 2016

I’m going to do these posts each Friday in December. Have something to add to the Crozet Calendar? Do it yourself, or email me the details. Click each event for times and details.





  • Interstate 64 Corridor Study
    • … a public open house to learn more about a joint study to examine transportation issues in the I-64 Corridor from Charlottesville to Staunton (I-81 Interchange). The project will examine traffic congestion, transit, vehicle speeds and public safety issues.  This Open House provides an opportunity to learn about the study and interact with the study team and agency officials. Most importantly, it will allow citizens the opportunity to provide input and identify areas of concern. The project study team will be available to answer your questions and take your comments. Additional project information is available by clicking here.

Service Tax Districts in Albemarle County?

Crozet - Image from Charlottesville Tomorrow
Crozet – Image from Charlottesville Tomorrow

I’ll wait for the news reports to come in before formulating my own opinion, but the tweets from Neil Williamson, of the Free Enterprise Forum, from today were interesting.

Update: Sean Tubbs with Charlottesville Tomorrow has more.

Short question – would you be willing to pay more taxes to fund infrastructure improvements in Crozet? Such as the Lickinghole Creek bridge/connector from Westhall to 250?


Say … $100/year?*

(Illustration: For a house assessed at $350,000, an increase
of 2.8 cents on the tax rate would equate to an annual
increase of $98.00; a 1.6 cent increase on the tax rate
would equate to an annual increase of $56.00. )

A few points from the County presentation: (I highly recommend you read the whole thing)

  • Services districts are a tool that have been authorized for decades
  • The general purpose of a service district is to provide additional, more complete or more timely services of government than are desired for the locality or localities as a whole
  • Service districts are geographic areas composed of less than all of the County’s territory, and whose boundaries are established by the Board of Supervisors
  • The Board may levy and collect an annual tax on real property within the service district to pay for the facilities authorized to be provided in the district
  • The tax is an ad valorem tax

As the conversation continues

And I’d forgotten about these stories

Important note – When people refer to Crozet as a “town,” they are wrong.

*This is why permanent URLs are important. I’m looking at you, Daily Progress and Albemarle County, the websites of the dead links.

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