CCAC Meeting – 14 August 2019

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Crozet Library, 2020 Library Ave, Crozet, VA 22932 
Wednesday, August 14, 2019 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. 


1.    Introductions and Agenda Review (Allie Pesch, CCAC chair) 
2.    Approval of Minutes 
3.    Crozet Connect Bus Update (25 minutes – Stephen Johnson, Planning Manager, JAUNT) 
4.    Crozet Master Plan Revision Process Overview (Andrew Knuppel and Staff – 60 minutes) 
5.    Barnes Lumber Rezoning Resolution (10 minutes – All) 
6.    Items Not Listed on the Agenda 
7.    Announcements 

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4 Replies to “CCAC Meeting – 14 August 2019”

  1. As a new resident here (1 month +) I’ve noticed the large amount of housing construction going on. I just hope those responsible have a plan for the growth fo the area. Is there enough school space? Roads? Retail?

    They will do us all a great service if they stay ahead of the issues.

    1. It’s a mess and only going to get worse. Pretty sure the only thing that matters out here is the money.

      1. I’ll disagree with that.

        I’d say that neighbors matter. I’ve witnessed many times neighbors dropping everything they do to help a neighbor, people letting people out of Tabor in the morning, people stopping traffic to let kids cross (I know, they’re supposed to, but not everyone does).

        But yeah, infrastructure is a challenge, and that’s something I make sure to convey and communicate to any of my clients moving to Crozet, so they come in eyes wide open.

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