CCAC Recap – August 2019 | Crozet Connect, Master Plan, Resolutions

Crozet Connect is a success so far, and it’s fantastic. Crozet Master Plan will be updated, and it’s a 15 month process.

Read all the tweets if you’re interested (and you should be; this stuff affects all of us).

A few highlights


Tweets – Read them all here.


The video, thanks to Crozet Gazette

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3 Replies to “CCAC Recap – August 2019 | Crozet Connect, Master Plan, Resolutions”

  1. Crozet Connect is ” is a success so far, and it’s fantastic”. Hmm… Then you go on and say relatively full. Well,once the subsidy runs out and the price increases
    would it be fair to say that it is relatively empty. I just do not think that all county
    taxpayers should be paying for this. And the PRI electric vehicle seems to have been only rolled out to get the money. I doubt they would risk it without a stable 5G link. And, before you get real excited about PRI consider that the major auto
    makers have tens of millions of miles on test vehicles. I expect these guys are looking to hit on something original and then sell it to GM, MB, or whatever and
    get rich. I still do not think that people who drive from the post office to the hardware store even think about a Crozet Connect…

    1. Success, and relatively full are … good things.

      Public transportation is a good thing. Pulling cars off the roads is a good thing. Less traffic … good thing, too. Everyone benefits.

      Crozet Connect and Perrone’s autonomous vehicles are two different things. One is a bus between Charlottesville and Crozet. One is a shuttle around Crozet.

  2. This would make sense if they were not taxpayer funded. If the bus cannot offer
    a service without a subsidy it should not of been started. Once there is enough demand it could stand on it’s own. PRI is a small start up looking for cash to
    compete in a field full of much larger players. Like the bus they have a similar
    need for taxpayer money. Pulling cars off the road? where are the facts? These
    people may not even own cars. The insane growth in Crozet needs to be capped
    That is the best solution to the growing vehicle problem. Less people, less cars,
    less overcrowding in schools, less destruction of the environment, etc. Even the
    new refugees that come realize the problem even though they are adding to it…

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