Crozet zoning notices

The zoning notices pop up all the time; keeping track of them is a difficult task. If only there were a way to search for zoning notices by either Zip Code or a map-proximity search …

Here are a few signs, by no means all-inclusive, that have been seen in Crozet the past couple of days –

Sign # 7 – Wickham Pond
Sign # 10 – Birchwood Place
Sign # 72 – Albemarle County Service Authority
Sign # 43King Family Vineyards – Winery Expansion
Sign # 59 – Westhall
Sign # 64 – Westhall

If you see any other ones, please post below.

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Crozet’s population -12k or 24k?

The Crozet population matter comes to a head (again) in the form of a “Crozet Master Plan Population Resolution” this Wednesday, 5 July.

The full text of the proposed resolution. One (sarcastic) question: why all the “Whereas'”?

As usual, Charlottesville Tomorrow has full coverage. Mary Rice, who seems to be among the most knowledgeable and articulate on Crozet’s growth has a lengthy comment.

Interestingly, she refers to an “optimal density,” echoing the message touted by ASAP (whose domain name has expired). You can listen to a recent podcast of Jack Marshall at Cvillepodcast.

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Sounds of Crozet

I’ve never been fond of swimming as a competitive sport – turning into a raisin is typically something I avoid. That and the early-morning practices, the cold water and the general “wet-ness.”

However, I truly enjoy the sounds of a swim meet from my back patio. The cheering, the announcer over the loudspeaker, the “beep” starting the racers, the sounds of community and competition.

“Heat Two!”

If I wasn’t working and catching up on work this evening, I’d walk on over to cheer some of my neighbors’ kids. Crozet still does have that small-town feel. The occasional giggle making it way through the air …

“Event 56, Girls 11-12, 50 metre backstroke, Heat 1!”

Ah, summer in Crozet.

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New Newspaper in Crozet – Crozet Gazette

Welcome to the Crozet Gazette, a now-monthly, soon-to-be bi-monthly newspaper distributed locally á la The HooK and C-Ville. The stories are well-written, informative, timely and most importantly, Crozet-centric.

One aspect is exciting – a good Crozet newspaper is on the scene. On the other hand, part of this is saddening. It highlights the further segmentation of the CharlAlbemarle region. Now, one needs to look for the 29 North Gazette, the Scottsville Post, Pantops Times. For all I know, they might already exist. (update June 2018 – they don’t)


Evan Almighty’s Ark

Has anybody else thought about the possible similarities between Evan Almighty and its Ark and Bill Cosby’s famous “Noah” routine?

Evan Almighty's Ark

Two more photos at Flickr

Noah: But I’m sick and tired of this. I’ve been working all day everyday like crazy for months now, dawn to dusk. I’m tired of this.
God: Noah.
Noah: Yeah?
God: How long can you tread water?

Driving home yesterday, we saw two giraffes, two elephants, two ox … and me without my camera.

Another development in Crozet

Coming soon …

Crozet Station:  A conceptual redevelopment project located in Downtown Crozet along the north side of Three Notched Road from Route 240/Crozet Avenue to the Crozet Shopping Center parcel. The proposal is mixed use commercial and residential, including approximately 42,000 square feet of commercial and 72 residential units. This is a pre-application submittal scheduled for a work session with the Planning Commission on May 23 30, 2006.  Staff contact is Rebecca Ragsdale.

Via The sign has been there for some time announcing the impending development … go to the Planning Commission to learn more.

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Crozet’s new library inches forward

This is the type of information dissemination that this blog is about – Crozet-specific announcements, news, etc. This new library has the potential to invigorate Crozet even more.

We are  pleased to announce that Albemarle County is in final contract negotiations  with the architectural firm of Grimm and Parker for site selection analysis  and design of our new Crozet Library.

Eight  firms responded to the countys request for proposals, submitting credentials,  experience, references, examples of work and design philosophies.  These eight proposals were reviewed and scored by county and  Jefferson-Madison Regional Library (JMRL) representatives, and the top three  firms were identified.  These three firms were then invited  to make formal presentations to, and be interviewed by an architect selection  committee, consisting of five county representatives, JMRL library director,  John Halliday, Library Board Representative, Tim Tolson, Building Advisory  Committee representatives, Tom Hurst and William Schrader, and  myself.

Grimm and Parker was voted the committees top choice.  Out of McLean, Virginia, Grimm and Parker will partner with the local firm of Heyward Boyd, and will bring thirty years of library design experience to our  project.  Factors contributing to this firms selection  include the firms dedication to the community input process, creative and  innovative design concepts, and the ability to stay on budget.  John Halliday has spoken with library directors who have worked with  Grimm and Parker, and has heard only praise for this firm. 

This  Friday, library representatives, representatives of the Building Advisory  Committee and county staff will be visiting two Grimm and Parker libraries in  Maryland.
Three  building sites are still under consideration, two downtown sites and the old  school site.  Grimm and Parker will be conducting public  forums to gather input and work through the pros and cons of the various  sites. Stay tuned for announcements of these forums!  We want your input!

I feel certain that, with  Grimm and Parker as our design team and the creative input and energies of the  dedicated library community, were headed for a beautiful and dynamic Crozet  Library, a true reflection of our community. 

If you’d like more  information, or have suggestions or concerns, please feel free to  contact:

Building Advisory  Committee Representatives: William Schrader and Thomas Hurst, Library Board Representative Tim Tolson.

The “staying on budget” aspect is exciting – will penalty clauses be written into the Contract?

Crozet’s crowded buses

Sanitized for the author’s protection:

A letter to the Albemarle County school transportation division:

I am writing now to inquire if there are any plans to add an additional bus for service in this area. My daughters advise that the bus is crowded, and they frequently must sit 3 students to a seat, which is uncomfortable (for adolescents) and possibly unsafe.

As you know, the area around Crozet Park is part of the Crozet  Master Plan and has seen an increase in development/residents. Currently under construction is the “Westhall” subdivision at the end of Park Street. Students living there would also be on the #208 bus.

(The bus driver) does an  excellent job as the driver, but I believe it is time to study whether an additional bus is warranted to alleviate the crowding. I would hope that this could be looked at over the summer months.

One suggestion would be to  have one bus for high school, one for middle school. Or, in the alternative,  divide the area of the route into two sections.

And the response:

Thank you for your concern with the overcrowding on bus 91/208. We will take a hard look at the routes in the Crozet area this summer.

This needs to be addressed one way or another.