This pretty much sums it up

From today’s DP article by David Hendrick

Fabienne Swanson, manager of the nearby Fabulous Foods, also expressed guarded optimism about impending change.

“I do have to say I’m looking forward to growth and some of the changes,” Swanson said. “I really hope they think about the roads before they allow all the growth.”

If only they would listen to the people …

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Crozet meeting tomorrow night

Albemarle County has updated their Crozet site. Check out the agenda for tomorrow, the infrastructure update and more. Based solely on the agenda, I think the County may be continuing the disconnect that currently exists. Is the planned population for Crozet 12,000 or 24,000? Without addressing this, I think that Crozetians are going to be less able/willing to move forward. Who wants to work with someone they don’t trust?

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Crozet’s Master Plan petition

An effort is being made to request the County to review its Master Plan for Crozet. You can sign the petition here.

The petition reads:

Citizens of Crozet diligently worked thousands of hours over two years with Albemarle CountY planners and and consultants to design a Master Plan that would create a Crozet of 12,000 residents. In good faith, Crozetians negotiated with Albemarle County leaders for a Master Plan in which the maximum population of Crozet was publicly and repeatedly projected at 12,000 total residents. This projection would quadruple the size of Crozet. Now the County says we have it wrong! The County says the plan calls for a population in the Crozet Growth Area as high as 24,000 residents! TheYwant Crozet to grow to half the size of the City of Charlottesville.

The County currently has a credibility problem. They certainly have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Note: Misspellings in public petitions -  aargh!

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New bar in Crozet

I made my way to the new bar in Crozet this afternoon/evening to watch the Redskins’ run end. My conclusion: exactly what Crozet needs. Multiple televisions, five beers on tap – sadly, no Starr Hill beer, but they do have PBR – is that a good thing? This ought to be remedied asap. The wings were great. The service was … casual. Obviously they are still working their systems  out, and the smoke was too much, but nonetheless, this is a great addition to Crozet. I’ll go back.

Better yet, the Hogwaller Ramblers were playing there this evening. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but hopefully they will return. They’ve always been one of my favorite C’Ville area bands.

From the HooK:

Out in Crozet another changing of the guard has taken place. A smokehouse-style restaurant, bar, and weekend music joint called Uncle Charlie’s will be taking over the old Mountainview Grill/Kokopelli’s spot.

Owner Charlie Mayer, who has been a chef in Pennsylvania for over 20 years, plans to open for dinner Friday, January 13, with musical guests American Dumpster playing later that night. On Saturday, perennial favorites the Hogwaller Ramblers will take the stage. Covers for both shows are only $5 for two people.

Mayer specializes in what he calls “elegant smokehouse” cuisine, which feature tenderloins, fillets, crab cakes, and the must-have wings and ribs as well. Of course, soups and salads will be part of the mix. Mayer hopes Uncle Charlie’s will have a neighborhood bar atmosphere, a casual place where someone can come in and watch a football game, have a beer and some ribs, and stay around to catch a show.

Crozet Community Association Meeting

Tonight at the Firehouse at 7:30. It should be interesting. Lots to discuss!

From the DP:

The county’s Comprehensive Plan designates Crozet for growth. The county’s Neighborhood Model illustrates what growth should look like. The Crozet Master Plan, painstakingly developed with residents’ involvement, describes how growth should occur specifically in and around Crozet. Individual rezonings and similar board decisions implement all those plans.

Residents believe the Master Plan should be the ultimate guide. But they are not sure the Board of Supervisors is following that vision.

Adding to the confusion is the difficulty of measuring growth. Master Plan figures predict a maximum population of about 12,000 in 20 years when the area is fully “built out.” Supervisors and county staff suggest a population of 24,000. And an analyst at the Piedmont Environmental Council says the number could go even higher – up to 33,000 people.

And Charlottesville Tomorrow is following the story. Here and here.

New restaurant in Crozet

In the space where Kokopelli’s used to be is a new restaurant. I saw the big flat-screen TV driving by last night and then saw the small sign that said “Open, beer and wings.” (At least I think I saw beer), but couldn’t stop to watch the game because of the kids … this is a good thing. We had dinner at the new Three Notched Grill last week – it was quite good, but pricey. I hope this new place is a good, cheap place to pay $2.50 for a beer rather than $4 or $5. Crozet needs it. For the sake of reporting, I will make it a point to visit soon.

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Ford Explorer enthusiast community coming to Crozet

I didn’t even know one existed, but they are coming to Crozet this Summer.

In 2006, the community will celebrate the success of Serious Explorations with three off-road events across the United States. The first, on May 13-14, will be held in Moab, Utah, where owners will explore Utah’s famed slickrock trails. On June 17-18, owners will traverse the Badlands Off-road park in Attica, Indiana. Finally, on June 24-25, owners will gather in Crozet, Virginia. Each event will be highlighted by a dinner and raffle.

This is the first I have heard about it. I wonder where they will stage their events? It sounds like they will be populating the local campgrounds.

The story is here. Their forums are here and here. Discussion is here. Who knew?

Big boxes coming to Crozet?

I heard a rumor or two today about a couple of chains that may be making their way to the Crozet area.

How would that change the Crozet area? Currently we have been able to maintain a “small-town” feel, with local restaurants, dry cleaners, pharmacies, etc. What impact would large-scale national chains have on Crozet? What, if anything, could be done to prevent or encourage these types of stores to come?

Would anybody care?

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Crozet’s tunnel

WCAV has a nice story about Crozet’s tunnel under Afton Mountain.

Did you know the first railroad tunnel under Afton Mountain in Nelson County used to be the longest railroad tunnel in the United States?

Built by Claudius Crozet, the tunnel may soon be a hiking trail. Little gems like this make Crozet a unique place to live. Now if I could only make the time for hiking again!

On a personal note, Claudius Crozet is the namesake for Crozet Hall, the mess hall at VMI and home of darned near the worst food I have ever eaten.