Crozet Home Owners’ Associations

In the continuing effort to facilitate the conversation and dialogue between Crozetians, I am trying to compile local Homeowners’ Associations – hopefully websites, contact information for any and all will be appreciated. There is only so much that Google/Yahoo can do. 🙂

If you know (or are) an HOA president, VP, treasurer, or simply want to be involved, please leave the information in the comments below or email me.

Last night’s Crozet Communication Association meeting

A roundup of last night’s CCA meeting is coming, but I wanted to briefly note a couple of things:

1) The attendance by the County was fantastic – Lee Caitlin, Rebecca Ragsdale, Tom Foley and Susan Stimart. David Wyant was absent. Thank you.

2)  About 35 -40 residents turned out – a relatively large number for a summer meeting.

3) The Crozet Library project may have some interesting developments coming down the pike. With a bit more investigation, I will write more.

4) In discussing the perceived poor implementation of the Western Connector and the lack of bike lanes, it was said that – wait for it – “The sidewalks ARE the bike lanes.”

Crozet Master Plan is here.

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Crozet Community Association meeting – July

Mark your calendars for this Thursday! This “Growth Summit” seems interesting. The more public involvement, the better.

From the CCA’s listserv:

We are scheduled to have the requested July meeting this week on Thursday at 7:30 at the Firehouse.  This is a special summer meeting called to address issues related to the rapid development going on around Crozet. 

There will be a report from the Crozet Community Advisory Council, the Board of Supervisors’ appointed group that is asked to advise the BOS on Crozet concerns.  It has met three times and is asking for public input.

There will be discussion of a proposal to hold a “Growth Summit” in Crozet in September, where the general public, members of the BOS, the Advisory Committee, and others will address the build-out projections, the development of commercial space in and around Crozet, the  re-zoning process, the protection of rural space, and other concerns.  People from other growth areas in the County would be invited to attend.

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Crozet zoning notices

The zoning notices pop up all the time; keeping track of them is a difficult task. If only there were a way to search for zoning notices by either Zip Code or a map-proximity search …

Here are a few signs, by no means all-inclusive, that have been seen in Crozet the past couple of days –

Sign # 7 – Wickham Pond
Sign # 10 – Birchwood Place
Sign # 72 – Albemarle County Service Authority
Sign # 43King Family Vineyards – Winery Expansion
Sign # 59 – Westhall
Sign # 64 – Westhall

If you see any other ones, please post below.

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Crozet’s population -12k or 24k?

The Crozet population matter comes to a head (again) in the form of a “Crozet Master Plan Population Resolution” this Wednesday, 5 July.

The full text of the proposed resolution. One (sarcastic) question: why all the “Whereas'”?

As usual, Charlottesville Tomorrow has full coverage. Mary Rice, who seems to be among the most knowledgeable and articulate on Crozet’s growth has a lengthy comment.

Interestingly, she refers to an “optimal density,” echoing the message touted by ASAP (whose domain name has expired). You can listen to a recent podcast of Jack Marshall at Cvillepodcast.

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Continue reading “Crozet’s population -12k or 24k?”

Sounds of Crozet

I’ve never been fond of swimming as a competitive sport – turning into a raisin is typically something I avoid. That and the early-morning practices, the cold water and the general “wet-ness.”

However, I truly enjoy the sounds of a swim meet from my back patio. The cheering, the announcer over the loudspeaker, the “beep” starting the racers, the sounds of community and competition.

“Heat Two!”

If I wasn’t working and catching up on work this evening, I’d walk on over to cheer some of my neighbors’ kids. Crozet still does have that small-town feel. The occasional giggle making it way through the air …

“Event 56, Girls 11-12, 50 metre backstroke, Heat 1!”

Ah, summer in Crozet.

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