Fun at Greenwood Community Center

We went to a birthday party at Greenwood Community Center yesterday, and it was a ton of fun. Simple, good, childish fun. Highly recommended.


Good fun. Good deal. Small one’s belated birthday party. Full of kids now. #crozet

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Also saw this photo, with thanks to a lot of Crozetians (I know, Greenwood isn’t in Crozet, but it’s close) , which I thought was wonderful:

Greenwood Community Center

The Next Phase of Old Trail Begins

If you haven’t driven through Old Trail recently, you might be surprised.



Update from Dave Brockman at Old Trail:

Thanks for reaching out to me. The activity has certainly created a lot of excitement.  What I can share is that the work being conducted to the west is primarily to support our new residential lot sales, which required a significant amount of earthwork. However, we continue to have very meaningful dialog with several interested commercial development partners and felt confident enough to use this opportunity to start making preparation for further expansion along Old Trail Drive. Old Trail’s success of the last few years has given us the ability to be more efficient in our work towards the future.

If you’re curious, these are the homes that are for sale right now in Old Trail.