Crozet Town Hall Recap

Welcome to the Crozet Town Hall

The Crozet Town Hall, #CTZBarnesHall as captured on Twitter, was interesting.

A few notes before diving into the recap … if you see errors, please let me know):

– Probably at least 125 people were there – many of whom I knew, but had never before seen at a Crozet meeting. Awesome. An involved and informed community like this is a tremendously valuable thing.

– I think the childcare was a huge offering by the developer and helped to get folks out.

– Thanks to the developer and the team for setting all that up.

– Tremendous conversations were had, I heard a lot of great feedback and look forward to the followup meeting on 11 June in which results/recap will be presented.

– Common themes/desires I heard – walkability, economic vitality, greenspace, infrastructure

– It was hot in the Field School – and, as far as I could tell, everyone stayed.

Sean Tubbs’ Charlottesville Tomorrow story is great.

– What did you think? What questions did you hear? What answers did you like/dislike?

The storify, capturing most of the tweets from last night:

Photos from last night; lots of good information here.

The Flickr slideshow of images.


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