~260 Homes Coming to Downtown Crozet


I suspect this is not the final plan, and some aspects are open to change/negotiation, but this gives a sense as to what the development is going to be. If you want to voice your opinion, I suspect the best routes would be to our Board of Supervisors and the Albemarle County Planning Commission.


Allison Wrabel with the Daily Progress reports:

Stanley Martin Homes has sent a letter to neighbors about an informal, private meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday regarding the Pleasant Green project, planned for an area north of Powells Creek. Collins Engineering held a pre-application meeting with the county in June, but no formal applications have been submitted with the county.

Mike Marshall, who owns some of the properties that are being sold for the development, including the circa-1800s house, said that he does not know what’s going to happen to it at this point. He said he has salvage rights as part of the sale, and he has talked to some companies that dismantle old houses for building materials.

“I don’t have any arrangements with any salvage companies; the house still has tenants in it and they haven’t found places to move yet, so they’re in there for the time being,” said Marshall, who is also the editor and publisher of the Crozet Gazette. “Presumably, they’ll move out sometime over the fall and then we’ll be able to find out what is actually salvageable from the building.”

The accompanying FB post.

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6 Replies to “~260 Homes Coming to Downtown Crozet”

  1. 260 homes? In addition to the apartments in the same area? How is all that additional traffic to be managed? Are they all to be accessed via Jarman’s Gap Road? Yikes.

  2. What can be done to preserve the 1880s home?
    Are these 260 single family homes?
    What is being done to address the increase in traffic in the area?

  3. Who knew?? Well, You realize nothing is free. There was an agenda attached
    to the free paper. Make noise about everyone else’s projects while you sneak yours in. About the old house, unless you buy it nothing, just like the traffic.
    It is called selling Crozet by the pound. And, I don’t think you have seen it all yet.
    Maybe the Committee’s will complain or not. Elected government is the only way.
    An Urban Crozet appears to be on the horizon Maybe y’all will even get a plaza with a fountain next to the railroad tracks…

  4. So, at the very least, a detailed article ‘From The Editor’ in the Gazette about the evolution of this new residential project. Stanley Martin Homes…a National production builder. Crozet, we have taken off!

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