And now Schools’ Tracks and Stadiums are Closed #COVID-19

Distance, Socially, lest everything else will be closed.

Link to the PDF from 7 April 2020 announcing the updated closures.

From Albemarle County Schools –

This weekend we locked access to all high school tracks and stadiums across the division. This action follows continuing reports of violations of the governor’s public health order and misuse of school property.

Being outdoors and exercising are important to individual health and wellness, and we encourage you to responsibly use the parts of school grounds that remain open. While on school grounds, please observe the same public health measures now in force in all county parks: Maintain a distance of six feet or more between people from different households; do not gather in groups of more than 10 people; and do not come on school grounds if you are sick.

When using school grounds, we ask that you respect your neighbors by keeping areas free of pet droppings or litter.

As a reminder, in addition to our high school stadiums and tracks, all school playgrounds, tennis courts, and basketball courts are closed.

Thank you for helping to support the health of our communities. Please stay safe.


Rosalyn Schmitt
Chief Operating Officer

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2 Replies to “And now Schools’ Tracks and Stadiums are Closed #COVID-19”

  1. Hi Jim, can you link to where you found this announcement?

    Thanks as ever for your eyes on the scene.

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