Crozet Bridge + Truck = No Fun

At least two trucks hit and got stuck in the past two weeks. One was white, and one was yellow (the yellow truck people left their debris under the bridge).

I figure once every 7 years, I might as well update the “how many times has the bridge in Crozet been hit by a truck?” post.

By 2015, we’d seen a few impacts. My then-11-year-old said:

“Crozet needs to figure this out because that intersection is, “the backbone of Crozet.”

If a fifth-grader can figure that out, why can’t the rest of us?”

A quick FOIA (one of three) this week, and Albemarle County Police were super-quick to respond.

“Research of our database yielded 2015: unknown, 2016: 6, 2017: 4, 2018: 4, 2019: 10, 2020: 4, 2021: 7 accident responsive to your request.

Our database could only go back to 2016.”

And four so far this year.

Might as well start a spreadsheet to track this; would love it if the folks at the Mudhouse would help and send me a text when a truck gets stuck. 🙂

Chart showing the number of times per year that the Crozet bridge has been hit. 4 times so far in 2022.

I do wish they’d clean up their debris; some do, some don’t. But, I do always think about the kind folks who did volunteer to clean up others’ trash in 2017.

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