CCAC Wrap-up – November 2023 | Transportation & Land Use!

As ever, thanks to Crozet Gazette for the recording. If you can find the time to watch the meeting, I think it’s an instructive background into growth in Albemarle and Crozet going forward. Start or continue your learning about Albemarle’s Comprehensive Plan at Engage Albemarle.

I missed the meeting, and it looks like it was sparsely-attended, despite transportation and infrastructure being such important parts of our community conversation.

A few things jumped out as I watched the meeting

  • 12:07 multi modal planning approach; focusing growth within development areas
  • 15:50 centers and destinations of activity – Crozet is a bit ahead of other development areas
  • 16:55 jobs & people densities — this is really interesting
  • 21 modes
  • 25:00 — urban design conversation, context, vocabulary are too complicated for an an average citizen to understand? Planning and development are meaty topics that affect us all, and the November CCAC meeting is an example of why it’s important to consistently pay attention to local government.
  • 45:00 — AC44 future land use and planning designations; this is important (and technical) stuff that affects how we live and grow. There are 24 land use designations (confusing) across 5 master plans.

January’s meeting will be about the Crozet Square!

Via email from the County

(me: I always forget there’s a Crozet CAC folder on the County’s site.)

Here are the individual links

Crozet CAC AC44 Presentation

Crozet Modal Emphasis Map

Draft Updated Land Use Designations for AC44

And, just a reminder, questionnaires are open online for the following chapter draft goals and objectives:

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