Help design Crozet Station

From the Crozet Community Association listserv:

Bill Atwood, Architect for Crozet Station, the proposed redesigned, remodeled, and rebuilt commercial area stretching from the corner of 240 & 810 to Crozet Great Valu, came to the Crozet Community Advisory Committee last week, and presented his ideas for the new project. He would like to include Crozet people in the design phase of Crozet Station. Here is what he wrote:

I am looking for 14-16 people to work with me in the field towards creating a Crozet Architectural Language. I would like to start this process on or about 1 Nov 06 & conclude on or about 15 Jan 07. We will be establishing 6 – 8 Iconic architectural pieces in Crozet. We will be meeting regularly, at an agreed time. Bill

If you are interested, email David – dfwayl AT earthlink DOT net

Have a spare soccer field?

The girls’ team I coach is in need of a field – the offerings in Western Albemarle seem to have become more sparse and the competition more intense.

Anybody know of a spare soccer field – or even an open, level field that we could use?

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Sounds of Crozet

I’ve never been fond of swimming as a competitive sport – turning into a raisin is typically something I avoid. That and the early-morning practices, the cold water and the general “wet-ness.”

However, I truly enjoy the sounds of a swim meet from my back patio. The cheering, the announcer over the loudspeaker, the “beep” starting the racers, the sounds of community and competition.

“Heat Two!”

If I wasn’t working and catching up on work this evening, I’d walk on over to cheer some of my neighbors’ kids. Crozet still does have that small-town feel. The occasional giggle making it way through the air …

“Event 56, Girls 11-12, 50 metre backstroke, Heat 1!”

Ah, summer in Crozet.

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