Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival October 11 and 12

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This year with wine tasting!

One note – if you happen to take photos of the Festival, please upload them to Flickr and tag them with “crozet” – that way they’ll show up in the slideshow to the right.

From their press release:

“Don’t miss central Virginia’s premier juried Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival. Saturday and Sunday Oct 11 & 12, 2008 Approximately 120 of the finest artists and craftspeople from around the nation will gather together. This two-day event is held, rain or shine, and, for many it is THE place to find one of a kind, handmade items of pottery, textiles, leather, glass, wood and metal as well as beautiful photography and art.

Our festive fare menu includes a variety of foods ranging from fresh popped Blue Ridge Kettle Korn, Lion’s Club famous gourmet hot dogs, K&R BBQ, local favorite La Cocina del Sol and MORE. There is no need to take a lunch break away from the grounds. The kids will be entertained as there are activities designed just for them including sand art, face painting, and more!

NEW – Wine Tasting Tent! Admission is $7 and includes a souvenir glass. Stop by our tasting tent and sample some of the finest wine this area has to offer. Identification required.

When you are ready to take a break, grab some lunch and a seat around the stage and plan to see local favorites Skyline Cloggers, magic by Dick Hildebrand, award winning bluegrass and more. All exhibits are handicapped accessible and under shelter.

Come and enjoy a day in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains and marvel at the beauty of the Virginia countryside. All proceeds benefit Crozet Park, a
community non-profit recreational facility open to all. Call 434-823-2211 or visit our website for more information and directions.

Gate Admission is $5 for adults and children under 12 are free. No pets please.”

Update from an email:

“They can use a few more volunteers if anyone is interested in helping out in the community.
If you can give a couple hours for setup (today), call.

Update 14 October 2008 – I’d qualify the Festival as a huge success. I’ll try to do a full write up soon.

2nd Annual Crozet Music Festival – October 4 and 5

The Second Annual Crozet Music Festival is on!

28+ Bands for $20 ($15 in advance)!!!

The First Annual Festival was well received; this year the Festival moves from Claudius Crozet Park to Misty Mountain Campground, and it should be even better than last year’s event (the alcohol problem should be fixed).

Crozet Music Festival, October 4 & 5, 2008

Local food, beverages (I hear Blue Mountain is coming, too!) and an impressive local music lineup in an atmosphere that is family friendly with a playground and more – what more could you ask for? If Crozetians will embrace this, it could turn out to be something mighty good.

Huge kudos to those putting this event together.

What else could you do that weekend, anyway? Will Goldsmith predicts UVA is going to blow out Maryland, C-Ville doesn’t show much going on that weekend, so why not come to Crozet?

Located at the Misty Mountain Campground on 250 West

Music Schedule: Noon – 8PM (schedule is coming soon!)

Acoustic Stage:

Saturday, October 4

Eli Cook
Devon Sproule
Paul Curreri
Helen Horal
Morwenna Lasko and Jay Pun
Greg Brown
Marianna Bell

Sunday October 5

Red Shoes

David Tewksbury

Martinez and Guthrie

Joia Wood

Joe Pollock

Main Stage bands:

Saturday Oct 4

The Wave
Jim Waive and the Young Divorcees
Hogwaller Ramblers
Travis Elliott
Six Chasing Seven
Tim Be Told
Kings of Belmont

Sunday Oct 5

Grey Matter
Chickenhead Blues Band
Trees on Fire
Ian Gilliam and the Firekings
South 29
Charlottesville Blues Allstars


$20.00 At the gate
$15.00 Advance

Ticket Outlets: Mincer’s, Belair Market, Maupin’s Music and Video in Crozet and online at

Gates Open: 11:00

3 stages at a beautiful, full service campground. Rain or shine. Event to benefit The Western Albemarle Rescue Squad

Other activities include, over night camping, food, beverages, jam area, playground, game room, many cool vendors

*Disclosure: I am on the Board of Directors for the Festival.

Biff Rossberg
Chris Munson / 20 South Productions

Crozet Park wants the County to fund a Bubble

From Charlottesville Tomorrow

Strickland did not make a specific financial request, but instead presented an overview of the role the pool at Crozet Park plays in western Albemarle County. He reminded the Board that the County assisted with the construction of the Crozet pool in 1996, and continues to provide financial assistance for some families thanks to a partnership with the County’s Department of Social Services. Strickland also suggested residents of western Albemarle County would benefit from an indoor aquatic facility.

Why no specific request?

Rooker told Strickland that he felt the Star Swimming proposal was specific, and included a plan that demonstrated how the facility’s operating costs could be maintained without ongoing County support. Strickland said that Crozet Pool would not be seeking operating costs from the County.

Crozet Music Festival – What did you think?

What were the highlights? Lowlights? What can be done better next year? Favorite performance?

As the DP noted:

But from Seth Johnston’s point of view, things were moving along well. Johnston, who plays with The Rogan Brothers band, said the perils of putting together a music festival are enormous, “like invading Normandy, when nothing goes right.” He was impressed that short, 30-minute-or-so sets were moving along rapidly and organizers seemed to have pulled it off with aplomb.

“Charlottesville needs this,” said Johnston, standing near the beer truck and wearing a green velvet shirt and black cowboy hat, beer in hand. Several musicians said there is no similar venue or festival in the area and the event fills a void.

“All these local bands need to have an outlet like this,” Johnston said. He said local talent is impressive. Ian Gilliam, who played at the event, is a Stevie Ray Vaughan-like guitarist. Young rock bands are coming out of the woodwork, he said.

That the thing happened at all makes it an unqualified success. Next year will be better.

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Competition is a good thing

Competition makes the strong stronger, makes the efficient that much more so and forces needed changes and evolutions.

In Crozet, the Old Trail development (ultimately 2200 homes in a New Urbanist development) is a force to be reckoned with. They have plans for a fitness facility. Likely a grocery store. A pool next year. They have plans to provide “affordable” housing (which may have a different definition of “affordable” than many of us are used to).

The time for arguments about whether Old Trail should have been approved at such a scale, has past.

Crozet Park faces some very real competition. Currently, they have one of, if not the, best soccer field in the County of Albemarle. They have two very nice baseball fields, two playgrounds and an outstanding pool and swim team. When it comes to nuts and bolts, they are providing a product, and for the past forty years or so (a great history is here, provided by Crozet’s Brian Campbell) have held a monopoly in Crozet on these facilities.

But they won’t keep the reputation as having the best product if they don’t innovate and embrace their position as the hub of Crozet. Competition, by its very nature, takes advantage of the complacent.

Nostalgia can carry only so much; human nature causes people to go to the newer product. That’s why people buy new cars, new houses and new toys. “Used” items aren’t as much fun (and often not as valuable either).

Let’s hope that the Park Board sees fit to compete – the possibilities are endless.

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Homesick for Crozet

Ed. Note: One of my favorite parts of running RealCrozetVA is the reader submissions I receive from time to time. Should you ever want to write a story for the blog, please submit it here.

I wonder if anyone else who grew up in Crozet ever feels this way when they drive through Crozet today. I read that some feel the old Crozet was an eye sore, the old buildings and store fronts, etc. Maybe you need to go to Charlottesville to live. Crozet was a village.

The old bank is gone. Crozet Superette, run by Mr. Moses Sandridge and his wife is gone. The Crozet Shoe Shop is gone. The old Crozet Drug store, where Jimmy Robinson use to dip out the biggest ice cream cones for 10 cents, is gone. Old Seals’ gas station is gone. I remember Mrs. Seal well, sitting out in the front, helping out. Tomlin Grocery – long gone.  Sandridge Gas Station where the road to IGA begins. Morton’s Frozen Food, with the TV dinners, Ice box pies, etc – gone. Acme Visible records where my mother worked, closed. The Red Front Super Market and Nannie Wagner’s 5 and dime, just a sweet faded memory. Coffee Jackson selling Christmas trees in the parking lot beside the old bank, I just smile to think, “how did he make anything for his efforts?”

Crozet had a theater at one time. Crozet had a drive-in too. Crozet Pool was where most all of us kids stayed from sun up to sun down and then rode our bikes home, or walked. We all had swimming lessons too. Vacation Bible School at the old Crozet Methodist Church, and oh! the popsicles handed out at the end. All the fun sleigh rides down the hill in Orchard Acres. Christmas time was something else.

Fourth of July at Crozet Park was beyond excitment for us kids. We could barely sleep the night before it started. Starting first grade and Mrs. Sara Wyant. I loved her and she loved me. The train ride from Crozet Station to Charlottesville and then to McIntyre Park to play. Trick or Treating and our home-made costumes.

I rode through Crozet recently; it’s not the Crozet I remember.

Nothing like it. It has a feeling of not being sure who or where it  belongs. I felt sad when I rode to old Crozet Elementary School, I got out and walked around and went to the back of the school where I started first grade so many years ago. I walked through the play ground. I looked over and I spotted something that I knew could not  possibly be the same sliding board that I nervously slid down in 1962.

It sure looked the same. I went over and stood beside it. It still seemed larger than life to me. I looked underneath the sliding board and was so surprised to see stamped just under the steps it read, “Property of Crozet High School”. For all of you former Crozet residents you will know what that means.  I had found one thing they had not taken away from us. You know what I mean. I left with a feeling you have when you go back to a place you haven’t been for many many years and you find something that holds so much memory for you.

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Send those Crozet Fireworks donations now!

Please email this story to your friends, your homeowners’ associations, whomever you think might be interested in contributing to the Crozet Community’s fireworks celebration.
Make those checks payable to –

Downtown Crozet Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 124 
Crozet, Virginia 22932

Text of the letter requesting funds is below the “fold.”

Fireworks 4 Bg 070402


The annual Crozet Volunteer Fireman’s Fourth of July Parade will be held June 30th at 10:00 a.m. !

A summer fest – party will be held after the parade at Claudius Crozet Park with fireworks by the Crozet Community Association that evening.

I don’t know that the Crozet Community Association is the sponsor, and frankly, I don’t care. So long as the fireworks go on (and I can see from from my back porch)

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Continue reading “Send those Crozet Fireworks donations now!”

A brief history of Crozet Park

Courtesy of Brian Campbell. Thanks to Brian for this very informative comment, I thought it deserved its own post.

“Crozet Park was donated to the community some 40 or so years ago. I can get the exact date. It was specifically set up for the Crozet Community. It was not given to Albemarle County. As such, it was set up to be governed by a board to decide on it’s uses and operation. These board members are revolving and are elected with a typical President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Also, since we don’t operate under Albemarle County Parks System, we have a deed. Somewhere along the way, we established a good working relationship with the county. We don’t have the resources to take care of things like baseball and soccer fields, and the county needed these recreational resources for it’s citizens in the Crozet area. So we have a working agreement with the county. They supply and take care of all of the fields for the recreational programs, and we have the decision rights over what we want to have at the Park. The Park did build the pool and is in charge of it’s operation. We receive no money from the county for operation of the pool or any other activities. They just take care of up-keep of the hefields and grounds. The Park building is also owned by the Park. The actual programs are run by private non-profit organizations such as Peach Tree. This also helps us as we don’t have the resources to organize these programs. The Crozet Park Board consists of volunteers from the community consisting or groups that might have an interest in what is offered at the Park. This includes groups like Peach Tree, The Fire Department, The Lions Club, and we also have at large members, those that aren’t attached to an organization, but have an interest in how Crozet Park is run.

We meet the first Wednesday of every month to discuss the Park’s issues, and we’re always looking for new members. We like to have members associated with organizations or busineses, but we will take interested ordinary citizens as well. If anyone is interested in being on the board, they are welcome to get in touch with me. I hope this clarifies the Park’s operation some.”

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Single-sex education in Crozet

From The HooK today, referencing the new Field School, a single-sex school (of which I am a huge advocate, as I graduated from the former all-male Virginia Military Institute) - 

Barnett says he’s close to finalizing the school’s initial location, which will likely be in the Claudius Crozet Park community center in Crozet. He proudly shows architectural renderings of the space, which will feature flexible classrooms with moveable walls and a large central common area. The school is accepting applications for the fall for 16 spots in each the fifth and sixth grades. (Seventh and eighth grade will be added over the following two years.) A shuttle will take students from Charlottesville to and from school each day.

The question of the day – what will be the impact on Claudius Crozet Park? Presumably the Park Building will no longer be available for rentals.

Update: Todd Barnett clarifies and expands with his comment.

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