Have you Read the Downtown Crozet District Code?

Piedmont Place - Bike Racks are Required in Downtown Crozet
Bike Racks are Required in Downtown Crozet – Piedmont Place

I haven’t yet read the Downtown Crozet District Code, but I’m going to.  Actually being informed is more useful and powerful.

Read the Downtown Crozet District Code it. It’s right here.

You’re familiar with the 2010 Crozet Master Plan, too, right?

(it’s also on the County’s site, but I don’t trust them to not move it somewhere else on the site, and break the link)

Plans for next Phase of Old Trail Commercial Area Released

Old Trail Village in Crozet commercial center

Old Trail have released the plans for their new commercial space, so I’ll ask again (and a small request: please at least skim some of the comments from previous posts 🙂 )

What businesses does Crozet need?

Bonus points if the “needed” business is economically viable.

Piedmont Place in Downtown Crozet is the first mover in the “create a new place/space in Crozet.”

Publicly confirmed tenants in Piedmont Place
  1. Smoked BBQ
  2. The Roof Top 22932
  3. Blue Ridge Bottle Shop
  4. Morsel Compass
  5. An ice cream or yogurt place
  6. Yoga studio

Yesterday brought the news and images of the coming-soon Old Trail commercial space.

Old Trail Commercial center

Smoked Coming to Piedmont Place

Downtown Crozet is getting another restaurant … coming to Piedmont Place (near the Crozet Library).

via facebook:

Smoked is expanding from downtown Cville to downtown Crozet, with our flagship, full service restaurant. Local entrepreneurs Drew and Michelle Holzwarth are creating a one of a kind, truly iconic building in the heart of Crozet, and we couldn’t me more honored to anchor it! Smoked Kitchen and Tap will feature a Chef driven locally inspired menu, in addition to our true, slow smoked, offset Hickory BBQ! Rotating beer taps, a downstairs patio, and our signature 4th floor bar “The Rooftop”, will make this the perfect place to begin or end you day on the Brew Ridge Trail!

(thanks, Laura for the heads up)


Piedmont Place is taking shape. #crozet

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In other news,  the Downtown Crozet Initiative open meeting for June has been canceled, but I expect the organizational meeting would still be open to the public.

Downtown Crozet Initiative Meeting – 12 May 2016 – Recap

I love this post, not just because it’s good information on the Downtown Crozet Initiative (the redevelopment of the Barnes Lumberyard) but because two Crozetians are providing the information.

First, from Art Wollam (who also wrote about the last meeting), and second, the tweets from Sam Harris.

Here’s what I got from the DCI meeting:

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Downtown Crozet Initiative Meeting – 12 May 2016

If you can, please attend. These will shape the future of not just downtown Crozet, but all of Crozet.

This month’s meeting is Thursday, 12 May at noon at the Crozet Library.

They’ll be talking about milestones, timelines, update on the rezoning from the County of Albemarle and more. If you can, please attend!

Last month’s meeting recap.

Review the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Downtown Crozet Plaza project.

I’m excited that someone’s going to be at the meeting tomorrow to tweet it; follow the #DCI0516 hashtag if you’re interested. I’ll pull those together and post a story on Friday hopefully.



7 April’s Downtown Crozet Initiative Meeting Wrap-Up

The Downtown Crozet Initiative met on Thursday; they are meeting again on 5 May at Noon at the Crozet Library. This is the stuff that will shape Downtown Crozet for lifetimes.

This is the agenda for the 7 April meeting.

Big thanks to Arthur Wollam for the following information! (all links added by me)

“This was my first meeting. There was no pre-meeting introductions but I seemed to be the only ‘new’ attendee. These meetings are open to all. I signed an attending roster with name, phone, and email.

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New Owners of Over the Moon to Great Valu Commercial Space to Speak

From the Crozet Community Association’s site, referencing the Downtown Crozet Initiative meeting on Thursday, 3 March at Noon, this is on the agenda:

New owners of commercial property beginning at Over the Moon bookstore through Great Valu shopping center to share plans.

Please, make time to attend these meetings. Crozet is changing; be involved.

Downtown Crozet Initiative (DCI) Meeting Agenda
Thursday, March 3, 2016
Crozet Library
12 Noon – 1:30 pm
Anyone is welcome to attend.”


Update re: the Downtown Crozet Initiative meetings

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CCAC Meeting – 16 December 2015 – New Developments + Growth

A few thoughts after tonight’s CCAC meeting:

  1. Having that many involved, interested, engaged people at a local meeting is AWESOME.
  2. Crozet is a designated growth area. It has been for many years.
  3. Crozet is going to grow.
  4. These developers are working under the constructs permitted by the County of Albemarle.
  5. If you want to effect change, it takes time. And effort. And time and dedication.
  6. See #1.
  7. If you want something to stay the same, buy it. Otherwise, expect it to change. I don’t say this flippantly, but bluntly and simply.
  8. The conversation that the community needs to have is far, far greater than one or two neighborhoods. It’s about Crozet. And the County. And the City of Charlottesville + County of Albemarle. And schools. And roads.  And taxes.
  9. If you comment on a matter, I think you should have to disclose your interest in the matter.
  10. Dig into the tweets. Come to the next meeting. Please.
  11. This is the slide deck the folks presenting about Adelaide used last night.
  12. Update – letter from the Cory Farm neighborhood against the rezoning

UpdateSean Tubbs with Charlottesville Tomorrow has as well.

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