The Last Thing I’ll Say about Walking to School in Crozet

Kids should do it and parents should encourage it.

The “Walking to School in Crozetwindmill has been something for which I have advocated for for years. But … I’m done. The Albemarle administrators with whom I have interacted have been supportive, to a degree. The ones who have opted to not engage have done just that. But there’s no groundswell from Crozet, no apparent desire.

But there has been silence from the parents, particularly in the most walkable areas of Crozet. Clearly, this is not a priority.

So … I’ll keep walking and riding my bike to Crozet Elementary and eventually Henley Middle School because I feel it’s the right thing to do.

Stay tuned for the next windmill; it’s going to be a doozy.

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9 Replies to “The Last Thing I’ll Say about Walking to School in Crozet”

  1. I sure hope it’s not the last thing you say about it, Jim. We need you and we’re just getting started! 😉

    1. I’ll still work behind the scenes to a limited degree, but after nearly three years, I’ve yet to hear from a parent who agrees or is willing to support the effort, much less do anything. 

      That said, I’ve definitely seen an increase in the parents riding bikes with their kids and walking to Crozet Elementary. 

      I’m going to keep doing and leading by example. I’ll even post a guest post on the subject if it comes my way. 

      1. Hi Jim  – I am a Crozet Parent and I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU AND I AM NOT ALONE.      I think what it comes down to is there are lots of issues with Crozet Elementary and lots of apathy and that has to be addressed. 

        Keep fighting the good fight – we need this back in Crozet and you are not alone !

        We want the money promised us in our grant awarded a year and half ago and more sidewalks.       

  2. The Crozet Gazette just printed a retraction on the story about a student being suspended for walking to Henley. It did not happen nor can it happen. It is a shame that people can not realize this on their own…

      1. Here is the thing with the suspensions. I do not believe it they happened during this principal’s tenure. That being said, I do believe that at least 1 child has been suspended for getting to school not in a bus or a car.
        Again, parents care, they will take action and encourage their children to walk or ride bikes to school. If not, so be it.

        I will say it it is a shame that it got this far before the principal spoke out.

        And for what I think is the third time ever, I will agree with Edward: Those who choose to allow government entities to dictate how they behave on private property deserve what they get. It is too bad that the kids are being taught such poor lessons.

        Please excuse brevity and perceived curtness; sent from my Droid. ~ Jim

        1. People want 100% assurance that its OK to walk to school (err…they want to hear its ‘safe’ to walk to school).      And perhaps blame if something should happen.  Take responsibility on event before/after school and let the school focus on education.

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