Recapping the CCAC Meeting – 20 March 2014

Lots happened at the Crozet Community Advisory Council Meeting on 20 March 2014. Click through to read the embedding of the tweets from the meeting. Hopefully you find this helpful. I hope I captured everything accurately; between my tweets and Tim’s, there are 118 tweets in this story.

– 13 members of the public attended. A relatively huge crowd.

– More members of the public are needed to tweet. Really. Please?

– Brief update on Barnes Lumberyard development. In short: process is ongoing, comments going back and forth between developer and county. CCAC wants to stick to the master plan. The focus is said to be on bringing employment centers to downtown Crozet. But what kind? Suggestions?

– A brewery may be interested in building in Albemarle County, specifically in Old Trail. NOTHING is set or proposed; it’s merely a conversation at this point. But bringing in 376 jobs would be an outstanding addition to Crozet.

– Would some neighbors from Old Trail please attend these meetings? We’d all benefit from more participation from our neighbors.

– Lots of good conversation at this meeting.

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