The Newest Crozet Mural is Awesome

Thanks to Starr Hill and Duncan Robertson for the newest addition to Crozet!


CCA Needs Our Help for the 4th of July

CCA Needs Volunteers for the Independence Day Celebration. Learn more at their site.

We need your help for just an hour or two Sunday July 5. Below is the website to sign-up to help with the Crozet Independence Day Celebration (CIDC) next Sunday, July 5, between 5PM to 10PM. There are a variety of tasks and time slots. Most of the time slots are only an hour – so there’s lots of ways to help and still enjoy the event.

To sign up, go here.

When you sign-up it will ask for your name, email and, optionally phone number. No one else can see your email and phone. We promise we won’t share it. It’s helpful for us to have it if something happens and we need to let you know about a last minute change.

Peachtree Baseball Hosting the 2015 11-Year Old Virginia State Tournament

This seems to be a big event for Crozet!

via email –

Peachtree Baseball League of Albemarle is honored to host the 2015 11-year old Virginia state baseball tournament at Claudius Crozet Park in Crozet, Virginia. The tournament will take place from Thursday, July 9th through Sunday, July 12th. Between teams, families and fans, we are anticipating approximately one thousand visitors traveling from all over the state, including Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Virginia Beach. The winner of this tournament will move on to the Southeast Regional Tournament to compete against state champions from Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

Follow us on Twitter @2015va11u or like Peachtree Baseball on Facebook to stay up to date on schedules, scores, and updates.

Please contact Kristen Hardy at [email protected] or 434.996.8549 for further inquiries.

Also, if you love baseball and are interested in volunteering over the weekend, please let us know! We need a lot of hands to make this a great event!

Crozet Independence Day Parade and Celebration – July 5, 2015

One of my favorite things about life in Crozet is the entirely-volunteer-driven Crozet Independence Day Parade and Celebration. This year the celebration is on 5 July 2015.

The parade starts at 5. 

Bounce houses, games, food, music at Crozet Park starts at 6.

Fireworks start at dark (around 9:30)

 Crozet Independence Day Parade and Celebration - 2015

July 5, 2015 is a Sunday. Why Sunday?

It’s because the fireworks companies are booked at bigger venues on Saturday night and none were available, even over a year in advance. But because our show is Sunday night instead, we are getting a discount and so can afford an even bigger display! 


More on the Future of Downtown Crozet

Charlottesville Tomorrow reports: (I’m glad to see Charlottesville Tomorrow expanding their focus on Crozet.)

“Most people in my industry think I’ve lost my mind.”

Frank Stoner of Milestone Partners shared that assessment at a recent visioning session for the Downtown Crozet Initiative. The meeting was the second community gathering to discuss design ideas for the former Barnes Lumber and CSX sites indowntown Crozet. The sites are owned by Crozet New Town Partners and are represented by Stoner’s development firm.

Stoner is taking the path less traveled in the design process. While most real estate developments create designs behind closed doors, Stoner said he believes that local support and involvement are essential to making the site a financial and community success.

“We opened this up to the public and said this needs to be a public-private partnership,” he said. “Without that, I don’t think we can be successful, but with it, I think we can.”

Read the whole thing.


CCAC Meeting 17 June 2015

From the Crozet Community Association:

3. Project Updates/Information:

  • Greg Harper, Water Resource Manager- Initial Review of Water Resources Program
  • Mary Miller – Garage Gym – Local business seeking location
  • Faith McClintic, Director of Economic Development – Introduction and Overview
  • Information and discussion regarding CDBG Planning Grant – Dave Stoner and Ann Mallek
  • Initial review/discussion about Community Meetings- (This will be a carryover item)
  • Information about developers holding public meetings at CCAC – Jennie More and Emily Kilroy
  • Overview of GIS web – Emily Kilroy

Can anyone tweet this meeting? I’m going to be with clients. #CCAC0615

Old Trail was Rezoned Nearly 10 Years Ago

Hard to believe that nearly 10 years ago, Old Trail was rezoned (that was the 2nd post on RealCrozetVA!).

A few thoughts:

  • It’s a shame that the Daily Progress’ archives are no longer available — note the broken links in my story.
    • I’m glad I quoted a reasonable part of their story.
  • Reading the BoS Executive Summary from that meeting, I’m hard-pressed to see how anyone ever thought that Old Trail was going to be more of a retirement community, as I’ve heard many people say over the years as a means by which to excuse not planning better. 
  • Harder to belive that it’s been nearly 10 years since the rezoning!

The story remains the same. This could have been written today:

Most of the frustration, though, has been directed at the county for not funding long-term improvements outlined in Crozet’s master plan, such as parking, better roads and sidewalks.

That said: