Crozet business map

At the suggestion of a reader, I am going to open up the Crozet community map to everybody to edit. Add your favorite business, restaurant, etc.

As much as I would like to put the login and password online, I don’t think that would be the best idea in the world. So, please email me if you are interested. This could become a great local resource if people participate.

Update 11/18/2006: I have made the map a permanent page at the top of this site.

Which theme is better?

I have made some significant changes to this blog over the past two days. Many hours of tweaking, testing, etc. later and I think I have it where I want it (for the next few days/weeks, at least). After trying several other themes, I came back to the one I use on realcentralvatiga.

I have added the following:

– Recent comments (to the right, to help track discussions)
– A “submit a story” page (pretty self-explanatory)
– Perhaps most different is the “Announcements” section to the right – If you have an event you would like to announce, visit the handy-dandy submit a story page and – voilà – it will be added as soon as I get to it.

What do you think? Is the old theme better?

Old Theme

I think the new theme is more functional than the last and I’m thinking about keeping it …

realcrozetva Readers’ Forum

Thanks to the recent story in the Crozet Gazette on realcrozetva, this blog has received several (many?) new visitors. Thankfully, two have so far answered the call to write for this blog!

Starting today, I am going to, assuming continued interest, establish a “readers’ forum” highlighting stories written by readers. If you have an idea, please email me. If you want to become a regular writer, please email me. Soon there will be a “write for this blog” button in the sidebar.

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The Goal of Realcrozetva

The goal of realcrozetva is one of community contribution. I want realcrozetva to be a destination for discussion, for information, for sharing of thoughts and ideas specific to Crozet.

One of the best things to come from the arrival of the Crozet Gazette is that people are talking about it and talking about current issues affecting Crozet because of the Gazette. That’s what I want for

If this blog becomes a destination for people to learn about Crozet goings-on, and I segue from author/editor to contributor because others have taken on this mantle, fantastic. This blog would be a success.

A more informed populace is (in this ideal world) a better one.

As always, if you want to write, or have a story idea, please email me.

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Authors wanted for RealCrozetVa

Does anybody want to write for RealCrozetVa?

My vision for this blog is for it to become a hub for the Crozet community. If you want to know about the pancake breakfast at the Crozet Fire Department (which I learned about only on my way to church yesterday), or you want to discuss Crozet’s growth and the County’s complicity in their lack of infrastructure, or want to start a group that will lobby for mass transit, come here.

An example is last week, the post about Innisfree Village was, for lack of a better term, useful.

Write about what your vision for Crozet. Make it heartfelt, make it candid. If nothing else, make your voice heard.

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What is the RealCrozetVA blog?

I am starting this blog somewhat on a whim, so as to provide a forum for Crozet to (hopefully) discuss their thoughts about Crozet’s growth.

My whimsical vision also sees this as a place to discuss Crozet’s goings-on, music and cultural events, local vineyards, etc. This will be a slow start, as my business* and my blog and my life already consume so much of my time. Please be patient, and if anybody wants to help out, please let me know.

This is obviously a work-in-progress – I don’t know about the blogroll error to the right, but I will figure it out shortly, I hope.

You may start here to learn a little bit about some of what has been happening in Crozet. Update 5/30/14: This is the Crozet Calendar – a growing listing of events in Crozet.


* I edited the link to my first site – from 12 years ago – is no longer in existence.