Streetscape Update – 18 July 2014

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The following progress was made this week on the Crozet Streetscape project:

– Concrete sidewalk in front of the Blue Goose building is being poured today

– Concrete biofilters were poured and biofilter media installed

– Water line connections (2 inserta valves and 2 taps) were made this week in front of the post office and barber shop

– Two more light poles were set, conduits installed and poles were wired

– Demolition of the sidewalk in front of the post office

The following progress is anticipated in the coming weeks:

– The sidewalk in front of the post office will be closed for the next several weeks. Pedestrian access will be routed to the sidewalk south of the post office entrance
– Paving of the Library Avenue extension and the ArborLife driveway
– Remaining light poles and all fixtures will be installed and are anticipated to be powered and lit within 2-3 weeks.
– Water line installation (approximately 150 linear feet) will occur next week in front of the post office. Storm sewer installation (approximately 90 linear feet) will continue across the post office entrance once the water line installation is complete. During this phase of work, vehicular access to the post office, bank, barber shop, and restaurant will be open with no restrictions on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. Limited access may occur on all other days. All businesses will be open in accordance with their operation hours. The parking lot in front of the bank will remain open to the public.

– Installation of crosswalks at The Square will begin in approximately 3-4 weeks, at which time pedestrian access will be temporarily restricted. Vehicular traffic will encounter lane closures and delays during this work.

Landscaping, which is slated for planting in the late fall, will consist of 38 trees, 139 shrubs and 720 ground cover plants throughout the corridor within the landscape islands and biofilters.

Please remain alert and drive/walk carefully when traveling through the construction zone. Thank you for your patience during this time of construction to improve the downtown Crozet area.

For more information on the Crozet Streetscape project, visit

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