Streetscape Update – 4 October 2014

via email: (Personally, I’d be Ok with no striping – it’s cleaner 🙂 )

The following progress was made this week:

  • Pavers for approximately 3-1/2 of the 12 total crosswalks (!) (italics & ! added by me – jd)  were installed.
  • Several crosswalk base slabs were poured too high. The contractor demolished and replaced a portion of these at two locations and will complete the rest of the repairs next week at no  additional cost to the County. (bolding mine – jd)
  • All street trees were installed and one species of shrub was installed throughout.
  • Approximately half of the curb plates were installed.

The following items are scheduled through the end of the project:

  • Crosswalk paver installation will continue next week and take another week to 2 weeks to complete.
  • Landscaping will continue and be completed next week.
  • Final striping is expected to occur in the next week.
  • Remaining railings are expected to be installed next week.
  • Final signage is expected to be completed in the next 1-2 weeks.
  • Substantial completion is officially November 18th but is expected to occur during the month of October.


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